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4finance is hiring a

UX Designer

  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • full-time

It’s the job of a UX Designer at 4finance to frame a problem and identify the right path to resolving it as part of the overall strategy for creating and continuously improving our digital products that meet the real needs of real customers.

We’re committed to lean approach to UX in the business, collaborating closely with cross-discipline product teams. Iterations are short and often, constantly learning and validating. Dashboards show us what parts of the experience across the product portfolio need to be understood, repeated elsewhere or optimised.

Well-formed hypotheses drive each piece of work, allowing the product team to share one backlog and prioritise well. From there, experiments are designed and executed that turns into actionable insights that we can measure the success of.

It’s an exciting time to be a UX Designer in this way of working. There’s constantly something new to learn and often something to contribute to creating instant, tangible successes in a product. Strong opinions and skills are important. It’s part of a UX Designer’s role to advocate not only the users’ needs but also the correct approach to ensuring that the insights into their needs are included in every iteration.

The Person

  • Able to create hand-drawn, static, and clickable mockups that are clean and appropriate for team communication.
  • Able to combine UI patterns with novel solutions in most scenarios. Knows when to create novel solutions vs use pattern.
  • Can create new / novel elements with direction. Can design and style them effectively.
  • Design based on user research data.
  • Work effectively within a visual language. Can produce pixel-level drawings within a pre-existing visual language.
  • Produce presentation-ready work with oversight.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the role of metrics in the process and some hands-on experience of ensuring measurement is correctly implemented