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eCommerce Strategist

    Request for Proposal: eCommerce Strategist
    Released: 6/2/14
    Responses Due: 6/20/14

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to obtain proposals from qualified agencies and individuals interested in becoming BeadforLife’s partner by building a comprehensive eCommerce strategy to help evolve BeadforLife’s online presence and drive sales. BeadforLife requests an overview of your capabilities show casing strategies that have proven results increasing sales and online reach. A preliminary rate structure and project estimate is also requested.

Contract term

The selected agency will be offered a four-month contract to create and begin to implement the eCommerce strategy. If at the end of four months both parties wish to continue, there may be an opportunity to continue advising BeadforLife on an ongoing basis.

E-Commerce goals

    Increase online sales by 15% over the next year.
    Recommend new functionality to stay abreast of eCommerce trends and engage a millennial audience.

Capabilities and requirements

BeadforLife is seeking a partner who:

  • Has proven success building an eCommerce strategy
  • Has a clear interest in cause-related work to affect change
  • Brings a proven ability to educate a team to manage their plan
  • Exemplifies knowledge of future technology trends and systems
  • Has experience using Google Analytics, Magento, Mail Chimp and Visual Website Optimizer (or similar systems)

Requested scope of work

BeadforLife is seeking an eCommerce strategist to be a thought leader of technology and eCommerce for us. The organization is seeking someone to transform our digital marketing approach by bringing innovation and opportunities to BeadforLife with a new strategic online plan.


    Create and lead a comprehensive eCommerce strategy for BeadforLife
    Identify key channels and best methods to reach target audiences
    Evaluate and set new plan for Online Advertising and our Google AdWords Grant
    Enhance and evolve email marketing strategy to reach our eCommerce goals
    Introduce new ways to drive online awareness and sales
    Advise on digital brand presence (visual) in response to our Communications Audit
    Increase conversion rates and make recommendations for A/B testing
    Make recommendations for ways to complement, not cannibalize other selling channels (Wholesale, Home Parties, etc)
    Continue to lead eCommerce strategy with Digital Marketing Specialist

Budget projections

Please provide a cost estimate for performing the tasks listed in the scope above. BeadforLife is a 501©3 non-profit organization and requests proposals include [if any] a defined percentage of the work that will be donated as pro-bono. Agencies should be able to demonstrate good budget stewardship and success in leveraging modest, non-profit budgets to achieve exponential results. Please include a list of any standard ‘fee additionals’ that your agency implies.

Proposal content / Format cover letter

Please share why you would like to work with BeadforLife, and what aligns your organization to our mission.

Qualifications of the firm or individual

Please tell us about you or your agency and team.

  • What is your approach to eCommerce and Digital Marketing?
  • How have you found success transforming companies’ online presence and sales.
  • Please describe how you are abreast of current trends and technologies in eCommerce
  • Please describe how you’ve interpreted brand audit findings and applied them to a successful eCommerce plan
  • Describe your experience with specific technologies and systems online

Service and scope

  • Please provide an overview of your range of services.
  • Please provide examples of transforming a companies’ online presence and sales growth.
  • Please offer two references with telephone numbers.


    Released: 6/2/14
    Responses Due: 6/16/14
    Interviews: 6/16/14 – 6/20/14
    Selection: 6/27/14

How to apply

Please send RFP responses via e-mail to: Gillian Owen Digital Marketing Specialist

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