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Web Manager

Organization Overview

The Mental Health Commission of Canada is a non-profit organization created to focus national attention on mental health issues and to work to improve the health and social outcomes of people living with mental illness.

The Commission, while funded by the Government of Canada, is a national body, not a federal one. It has been endorsed by all levels of government, although the Commission operates at arms length from them.

Position Overview

Four years into its mandate, the Commission’s initiatives and projects are at a more mature stage. This provides an exciting opportunity for the Commission to share knowledge and engage the stakeholder community. In that context, the Commission decided that the current web site no longer met the needs of the organization and that a redevelopment project was a priority. A Web Strategy for the Commission was developed earlier this year. The Redevelopment Project has been the subject of an RFP during the summer 2011.

The Web Managing Editor will be working as part of a multi‐disciplinary team and will play a lead role in the management and coordination of the MHCC’s web activities. He/she will be responsible for carrying through the MHCC Web Redevelopment Project while ensuring that the current digital landscape is properly managed. This includes planning, implementation, maintenance, content management, design, marketing, analytics, etc, to ensure optimal web positioning for the Commission. The Web Managing Editor provides support and guidance to colleagues across the MHCC to ensure that digital communications is in line with the overall Web Strategy, internal standards and policies, and industry best practice. This person also works with vendors (IT, writers, designers, etc.).


Duties and Responsibilities

•Works with colleagues across the Commission to shape, implement and support the Web strategy for the Commission;

•Pilots the redevelopment of the MHCC digital landscape;

•Manages and coordinates the on‐going flow of activities on the web: develops an editorial calendar, etc.

•Integrates web and social media strategies in overall MHCC Communication Plan;

•Develops Web marketing and analytics strategies (SEO, advertising etc.);

•Coordinates the development of web content along with other key departments involved in content production;

•Develops and implements internal processes related to digital communications: strategic

•planning of web content; web real‐estate standards; web content and publication standards;

•content submission procedures (both web copy and other multimedia); policies and procedures related to social media, etc.);

•Provides strategic counsel to internal stakeholders;

•Provides training to other staff working on the web;

•Track and measure impact of the Commission’s web communications.

Skills and Experience

•Excellent knowledge and experience of website development using best of breed tools and technologies including content management systems, content creation and publishing tools and processes and web metrics and analytics;

•Excellent knowledge and experience of developing content for the web including content creation, usability and information architecture;

•Considerable knowledge and experience in web technologies including HTML, scripting environments, web services, database applications, real time applications and protocols;

•Creative and solutions‐orientated, capable of thinking outside of the box;

•Interested in social issues and the mental health cause, an asset;

•Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees and outside contacts;

•Able to work collaboratively within multi‐disciplinary team and across the organization


•Graduated from an accredited four‐year college or university with a degree in Communication or related field

•Minimum 8 years experience working in a Communication environment / web development / or related field.

•Ability to communicate in both official languages is also desirable.

How to apply

The Mental Health Commission of Canada is committed to diversity in the workplace and workplace well-being. As such, applications from individuals from diverse backgrounds such as; First Nations, Inuit, and Métis, members of a visible minority group and those with lived experience of mental health problems or illnesses are welcomed and encouraged. To apply for this position, please visit our website at:

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