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Web Developer

Being a Web Developer at Coast Digital isn’t the usual agency role.

We give our clients an experience when we deliver our projects and you are central to that. They’ll know who you are, you’ll be part of workshops and stand-ups with both the client directly as well as our Strategy team. During the early stages of a project you’ll be given opportunities to voice opinions, influence the development and see the project take shape. We’re a team and want to share our expertise with each other and our clients. You’ll be part of that.

It goes without saying the role involves hands on development work, it also involves direct client engagement at the right times during a project. We pride ourselves on organisation and planning, we want you to excel not burn out. Giving people the time and space to do their jobs brilliantly has paid dividends and it makes those times when we do need to really commit to a deadline the exception. We want to make the process of producing great work easy, our focus should be on the tasks we’re undertaking, not difficulties with process we follow.

Main Duties

Responsible for the effective and efficient delivery of hands on web development works. This includes and is not limited to the following tasks:

    + Fixing bugs or attending to issues raised by clients on an ad hoc basis.

    + Understanding principles of Quality Assurance and web development best practice.

Responsible for face-to-face client communication. This includes and is not limited to the following tasks:

    + Attend meetings when required (technical demonstrations, training, etc).

    + Telephone support and technical troubleshooting.

Responsible for providing technical consultancy to Coast Digital and its clients. This includes and is not limited to the following tasks:

    + Keeping up-to-date with technical developments and industry trends.

    + Technical consultancy in support of the writing of technical specification documents.

    + Providing sales and project management support.

    + Maintain personal utilisation at a minimum of the company wide target.

    + Continually look at ways to improve the efficiency and productivity within the Design and Build team.

Skills & competencies required

    + Expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery – (essential)
    + Detailed and practical knowledge of PHP and MySQL – (essential)
    + WordPress development experience – (essential)
    + Comfortable using command line build tools (eg, Grunt, Gulp) – (essential)
    + Experience with Git version control – (essential)
    + Experience in an online design and build department – (essential)
    + Experience of troubleshooting in an online environment – (essential)
    + Some knowledge of Drupal or a desire to learn more about the CMS – (preferred)
    + Ability to work to tight deadlines – (preferred)
    + Experience in the production of project documentation (technical specifications, functional specifications) – (preferred)

Our package

In return you’ll receive our great employee package including:

    + A competitive salary.
    + Private health care (after 6 months service).
    + 25 days holiday per annum.
    + Flexible start time (7:45am – 16:30pm or 8:45am – 17:30pm).
    + An early finish on Fridays – 15:30pm.
    + Contributory pension scheme 3%.

How to apply

If you are interested in this opportunity we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch by emailing your CV to

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