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Web Developer

[Only local Phoenix, full-time candidates need apply]


SEACRET is expanding rapidly and is looking for a full-time Web Developer with a minimum of two years development experience.

This is an entry level to intermediate position that will have you building landing pages and crafting emails while taking care of the day to day needs of our busy marketing department. You will work on a growing team of talented designers and developers creating exciting campaigns that support our expansive field of direct sales agents. We are constantly pushing the limits of our abilities and we are looking for someone who is willing to do the same!

Required Experience:

  • HTML 5 – You know all the building blocks of html and when to use them
  • CSS 3 – Knowing how to float and position objects on the screen is important, but rounded corners are fun too
  • Javascript – Basics such as including sliders or timers is child’s play for you
  • Emails – Creating an email is difficult, but you know why tables are a necessary evil
  • Social Media – Maintaining the company Facebook page doesn’t scare you
  • Photoshop – An ability to slice up a Photoshop file and create web ready graphics file is second nature

Experience Pluses:

  • HTML 5 – You are excited by the opportunity that the new tags in HTML 5 provide
  • CSS 3 – You know how CSS Specificity works and how to manipulate it
  • Javascript – Editing a jQuery plugin to make it do things never intended is fun and exciting
  • Emails – You know the rules of how to make sure Emails won’t trigger spam filters
  • Social Media – You know how to use tools that will manage posting to Facebook and Twitter
  • Photoshop – You can take an existing Photoshop file and make changes to it when required

Job Functions:

  • Receive a Photoshop file and create a landing page or mini-site with attention to detail and standards compliance.
  • Create emails that can reliably open in a wide variety of browsers and clients.
  • Maintain and update the company website and portal.
  • Make periodic updates to the companies Facebook and Twitter accounts.


This position will support the marketing department with all of its Web / Email / Social Marketing needs but it does not need to be limited to that. There is opportunity to grow into either a Design position or a Development position if you really want to stretch your legs. From working with our Design team to create new web page layouts / email template designs to working with our Development team building out our custom portal using .Net and JavaScript, this job could help you push your career in whatever direction you choose!

Company Culture

Please visit to learn more about our company and what we do. SEACRET™ is a luxury skin-care company based out of Phoenix, AZ. Our products are infused with dead-sea minerals and manufactured in Israel with the finest ingredients. We are a youthful company, very fast-paced and dynamic. For being client-side, we are as close to an agency environment as you can get. We like to work hard and play hard, but above all else we are passionate about our business and products. We are open in many countries and outgrowing ourselves, so we need talent like YOU to take us to the next level.

How to apply

Apply direct to Danielle at *Only local Phoenix, full-time candidates need apply

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