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Web Developer - Impact 11 billion gameplays each month!

Have you spent your days working in the LNMP (Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP) stack, playing with PHP, Python or Erlang (or others) on the side? Are you looking for a way to actually have impact on millions of visitors every day? This is the place for you! Regardless of whether you know PHP, Python or Erlang. We just want someone with solid fundamentals who wants to learn new technologies.

Great web developers are generalists. To understand the web, you need to know a lot more than how to render variables in templates or pull objects from an ORM. You need to have spent time learning about networking, software architecture, web protocols and standards, graphic design and user interfaces. Most of all, you need to be passionate about the web and the amazing impact it has on our daily lives!

The tasks and responsibilities of this role include:

  • Designing and developing dynamic, large, and scalable high-traffic web applications;
  • Participating in the evolution of the platform architecture;
  • Participating in full life-cycle development, including quality assurance;
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies and applying them to your work; and
  • Contributing to unit, integration, and load tests.

Your Profile:

  • 3+ years of experience with high-volume, high-availability web applications
  • Solid understanding of object oriented design (OOD), coding and testing patterns (unit testing, automated testing, TDD, and/or CI)
  • Experience writing and maintaining code in an interpreted language including, but not limited to: Ruby, Perl, PHP, Python, Erlang
  • Demonstrated ability to learn new technologies and/or frameworks
  • Some experience with front-end development (HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery) is a plus
  • Good communication skills in English, both written and verbal

Why Join Spil Games?

Level up your career—be part of a rapidly growing leader in the online gaming industry, where playing games is all part of a day’s work. Spil Games also offers these great benefits:

  • A competitive salary and bonus system
  • Flexible hours (from 7 AM till 7 PM)
  • A pension and collective health insurance plan
  • Reimbursement for your daily commute
  • Extras, such as a bike plan and canteen
  • Relocation package
  • And, most importantly, training and development programs—because when you grow, we grow with you!

Adventure awaits those up for the challenge. Are you ready to play?

About Spil Games:

Spil Games is an online games publisher scouting the best content from top game developers to entertain the 170 million visitors who play on its sites each month. With over 11 billion gameplays, Spil is the world’s largest independent social-gaming platform. Chances are somebody in your family plays one of our games—every day.

Using cutting-edge technology, Spil selects content specifically tailored to the different interests of its three targeted online-gaming audiences: girls (, teens (, and family ( Whether it’s on the web, on mobile phones, or on tablets, you’ll find Spil Games wherever people are connecting and playing—it’s all part of our mission to unite the world in play.

About Technology:

We write software in the morning and see the world use it the same evening. We do portals, payment solutions, back-end logic, algorithms, performance engineering, scalability, databases, widgets and front-end.

The Agile manifesto is our mantra. We use object-oriented PHP, scalable and powerful Erlang, flexible and logical Python, slick JavaScript, modularized CSS and innovative HTML5. We construct our own tools, from an automated testing framework in Ruby, to a sophisticated deployment system in PHP.

Oh, one last thing. We do not do Excel. Really.

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