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Magento Developer (1 junor, 1 senior)

We are looking for an experienced Magento Developer to join our team in Nottingham. We need someone who can consistently create excellent code, working confidently to bring specifications to life and make complex technical scenarios look easy.

You will join our expanding development team, where you will have immediate opportunity to contribute to high-profile clients, build your skill-set and advance the team. You need to be comfortable working alone or in a collaborative process with other team members.

You will be responsible for making sure what you and others build is to a top standard — we have high standards and so should you. Those standards are always rising, so we’ll expect you to stay on top of the development thinking and maintain pace with the rising technical standard around you.

JH is an award-winning web agency that specialises in e-commerce solutions. We believe in smiles and laughter, because your best work happens when you’re enjoying the job at hand. We try to make this happen every day of the week by working on exciting projects with like-minded clients. Recent clients have included Nivea, Sunspel, Channel 4 and Panache.


  • Magento front-end templating
  • Good sense of humour
  • Desire to learn more and better working practices of yourself and team you work in
  • Object Orientated PHP
  • Git or SVN for version control
  • An ability to deliver quality in flexible time frames
  • Enjoy to giving/receiving feedback
  • Excellent communication skills – able to listen, share and explain ideas internally and to clients

These aren’t required, but you’ll earn bonus points if you have knowledge of:

  • Zend Framework
  • Magento back-end extension development
  • Our community, conferences/sites/events
  • CMS in addition to Magento
  • Magento developer certification
  • XDebug, XHProf, Grind
  • Unit Testing
  • Performance optimisation

Job Perks

We offer a range of nice benefits:

  • Flexitime working hours
  • Maxed-out 27” iMac, a device lab and all the software you need
  • Annual conference budget
  • Cinema pass, slippers and other swag
  • Kitchen stocked with drinks and snacks

How to apply

Write to and tell us how your passion for project management will supercharge our team. Please include your CV and at least one thing you find funny. If you’ve got a blog, then share that too.

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