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Web Designer

PerkSpot is a small, well-funded startup that is disrupting the employee benefits and insurance marketplace.

We need an all-around user experience/make it look awesome guy or gal to support our product, technology, and marketing teams.

You need to be able to design a user experience that makes something as boring and complex as insurance enrollment seem delightful. Think of what Groupon did to something as lame as clipping coupons. We want to do the same for enrolling in insurance.

What we need:

Smart and gets stuff done:

What we mean: We can give you a project (say, a wizard for quoting out life insurance) and you own it. If you have questions, you ask them. When we say it needs to be delivered on Friday, it is delivered Thursday afternoon and it is done right the first time.

Fluency with web graphic design:

What we mean: You can take the life insurance project and draw the low-fidelity wireframes, then scale them up to full mockups. Your wireframes tell us which buttons do what. You thought of what happens when the click “next.” They show how the pop up wizards work. When you get to mockups those are done, done, and done. Your mockups have the correct padding on them. Their colors are listed off to the side so our developers can build the css right the first time.

Complete understanding of web design:

What we mean: You know what we can do in html and what we cannot. Your designs can be built to work on every browser since 2005 and you have a plan to depreciate gracefully to support ie6. If our developers don’t have time, you can build the css yourself.

Some skills with front end interaction frameworks

Your jquery doesn’t need to be expert, but you should be capable of building a proof of concept for your life insurance wizard. Maybe it doesn’t work in all browsers, or is laggy, but you can build a jquery accordion that is good enough for our front end developer to take it and run with it.

Skilled with standard image tools:

If we ask for a buy now button, you can knock it out in Fireworks or Illustrator in 15 minutes. If we need a perfect button, you can do that in 30.

If you worked here this month, you would have:

Wireframed, then mocked up the life insurance beneficiary wizard.

Created marketing emails for insurance products targeted at firefighters and another targeted at restaurant workers.

Designed a user interface for nested terms and conditions that are required by our insurance carrier partners.

Highlighted the 100 worst UI elements of our insurance enrollment platform and fixed the 10 most important.

How we work:

We use an iterative development methodology called scrum. If you don’t know what scrum is, watch this: It has explosions.

Our sprints are usually 2 weeks but on occasion we do a 4 week sprint. Since we work iteratively, our UX person will develop a month’s worth of ideas at a time, frequently returning to features to upgrade them from “adequate” 1.0 quality to “better” 1.1 quality.

About our company:

PerkSpot is a fast-growing 20 person startup company. Our people are divided more or less equally among inside sales, customer/vendor support, and technology. We have beers on Friday and we will destroy in the Chicago Startup Dodgeball Tournament.


Commensurate with experience.

Apply if you:

Are smart and get stuff done.

Want a place where you can play a big role.

Do not apply if you:

Can’t take ownership of projects.

Can’t handle change.

How to apply

To Apply ) Send us a resume detailing your many qualifications. Write us a cover letter telling us who you are and why we would be fools to squander this opportunity to hire you. Send us a list of three websites that are awesome and why. Send us a list of three websites that stink and why. Send us a link to your portfolio or some work you have done. Sorry, we can’t do any visa sponsorship. If you aren’t legal to work onsite in Chicago we cannot help you.

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