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Web Designer

Are you a creative, hard-working Web designer with extensive knowledge of Photoshop (or Fireworks), graphic design, usability, UI design, HTML and CSS? If so, this is a unique opportunity to join our team of 15 and work in a warm, familial and creative environment.

All full-time employees are eligible for health insurance. We have balanced, flexible working hours, which can be adjusted to your personal needs. We also have a flat hierarchy and a friendly uncomplicated team that encourages independent, responsible, high-quality work. The workplace is colorful and newly furnished. And the best part: we are located in Freiburg, Germany’s warmest city, at the rim of the legendary Black Forest, near France and Switzerland.

Your Job and Responsibilities

- Provide designs for our user interface assets (controls, icons, menus, forms and more).

- Produce creative and appealing eBook covers, from the sketch to the final polished product.

- Design Smashing Magazine’s branding assets, including goodies, banners and advertising.

It is important to us that you feel comfortable and respected in our office. We’ll provide you with the creative freedom to explore your own ideas, and we’ll support you in the process. We don’t care about what workflow you choose: the results are much more important.

Our Requirements

We are looking a professional who knows exactly what they’re doing. Here’s what we expect from you coming into the job:

- At least 10,000 hours (3 to 4 years) of professional experience designing original websites with tools such as Photoshop, Fireworks and Illustrator.

- At least 10,000 hours experience (3 to 4 years) coding websites, using (X)HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

- Excellent understanding of jQuery and PHP.

- Ability to design, code and troubleshoot for all major browsers.

- Extensive English language skills.

- Very good written and verbal communication skills.

Here’s what we expect from you on the job:

- Creative thinking and creative approaches to design tasks;

- Advanced design skills;

- High-quality work, with attention to detail;

- Design primarily with the user’s interests in mind.

About Smashing Media

Smashing Media is a young and growing publishing company that publishes articles in various online magazines, and is also known for its many electronic and printed books on Web design, Web development and desktop publishing. Founded in 2006 by Sven Lennartz and Vitaly Friedman, Smashing Media regularly publishes high-quality articles as well as printed and digital books on Web design and development.

Besides enjoying the beauty of Freiburg, with its medieval city center, lovely vineyards and proximity to the Black Forest, you’ll also have France and the Swiss Alps just around the corner. We’re sure you’ll also enjoy the playful spirit and open-mindedness of the Smashing team members, who like to work as hard as they party. Fridays in the office are fun: we have team meetings that involve a lot of food and healthy juices for everyone. Fresh-cut flowers and a considerable number of stuffed pets embellish our modern office rooms. And despite there being a lot of work, there’s always time for talk among team members.

How to apply

We ask all qualified candidates to please submit all required information (cover letter, résumé, work samples, with a description of your contributions) to Sven Lennartz at the following address: recruiting[at] Please also make sure to include URLs of relevant websites and your online portfolio so that we can take a close look at your work.

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