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Web Designer (Graphic and User Experience)

We are looking for an excited web designer wanting to join a small team for a large and ongoing project. A designer fitting the profile below would be a great compliment and complete the needed resources for this project. The team will own the project from start to completion and the current members are very excited to get started. We are looking to fill a permanent position to continue working on later projects.

At PTI, we develop and maintain the MarcomCentral web application. MarcomCentral is a leading product in the area of controlled asset creation and management. It allows marketing teams to control branding, compliance, or other messaging, whilst giving end users a limited set of freedoms to modify content via a customizable portal. Combine this with a powerful user group system that provides features such as budgets, cost center access, approval workflows, all tied to a full featured (manual or automated) distribution backend.

Main Responsibilities

Join a working group to help design and develop a product to replace the end-user portal using the latest web technologies and responsive design techniques. You would be working collaboratively with a working group of developers, SMEs, and a project manager.

As the designer in the group, you would own the responsibilities of generating sketches, wireframes and mock-ups, and HTML/CSS structure for the project.

As a member of the working group, you would participate in things such as; generating user stories, designing workflows, and facilitating user experience testing.

Perks at PTI

  • Working in the beautiful & fun Solana Beach office, with views of the ocean and only minutes to walk to the beach
  • Fully stocked office snacks and drinks, with catered lunch on Fridays.
  • A very motivated small project team.
  • An awesome company benefits package.
  • Walking distance to restaurants, bars, micro-breweries, an urban winery, the coaster/Amtrak, shuttles to the Del Mar Racetrack, the beach, and San Elijo lagoon trails.
  • Office shower to clean up after a surf, run along the beach or lagoon, or whatever activities that get you working up a sweat.
  • Sponsored learning, conferences, and MSDN license access.

Skills we are looking for

  • At least 3 years web design experience.
  • A bachelor’s degree (or equivalent experience) in an applicable design major.
  • Ninja with HTML, CSS and responsive design methods.
  • Moderate graphic design skills and experience.
  • Experience with twitter Bootstrap and overriding with custom themes, or other frameworks that make UI development and maintenance easier.
  • A solid understanding of UX and UI design principles and the ability to objectively decide whether a principle is justified or not.
  • A background in designing B2B web applications.
  • Experience working in Agile/Lean development environment.

Qualities we are looking for

  • A drive to understand users and create a product that will solve real problems.
  • Empathy with users and the ability to communicate with users and want to understand their domain
  • Passionate not just about design, but creating a product that is truly useful and fun to use.


Experience in any front-end JavaScript coding and any experience with tools and frameworks such as AngularJS and jQuery would be a plus but not necessary.


We are looking for someone to join a team full-time in the Solana Beach office, the position will require much interaction with other team members, so off-site contract work is not an option. We are currently not looking to relocate candidates for this position, but this is certainly negotiable.

How to apply

If this sounds like a great fit for you and would like to join us, please contact us via

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