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Web Design / Developer - Ongoing Relationship

Quill Design – a small midwest web development company specializing in Ecommerce development is looking for a progressive, web developer, designer to help with our various projects big and small.

This is a telecommute opportunity and we are looking for someone who is typically available during normal business hours.

Our immediate needs are for a designer/developer who is strong in:

  • JQuery – utilizing/modifying existing JQuery and the ability to write JQuery code for various tasks.
  • CSS – Taking designs and slicing them up and integrating them as a skin into our SiteDirector product (ecommerce shop – Coldfusion). Also – modifying current designs and all the CSS code involved.
  • Responsive – we are looking for someone who is familiar with responsive design – as a bonus familiar with foundation.
  • Mobile – you will need experience with mobile development.
  • Design – Along with the CSS/JQuery work – we are looking for someone that has a good eye on design and can pull off designs with ease – though many of our designs are ecommerce shops – making them pop as much as possible is important. Plus along with much of the CSS work, comes some design work.

Also having these following skills are a huge benefit:

  • ColdFusion – though this isn’t a requirement – it is a huge plus (we do everything in ColdFusion). If you don’t know Cold Fusion – not a big deal as long as you are familiar with working with dynamic languages and have a desire to learn as you go.
  • MS SQL – not a requirement – but If you have MS SQL Skills that would also be a plus.

We are looking for someone who is available 20 – 40 hours per week.

Have the ability to define out the project timeframe and meet those times.

Must have very good English – no exceptions.

We are looking for honesty in your resume/portfolio – it will only benefit us both. If you do not have strong css or jquery skills (as well if your design is weak) please do not respond.

How to apply

Please email Please send over your current resume and include a cover letter telling us about you. Include links to your most current projects and please include descriptions of the work "you" performed on those projects. Please rate yourself on a 1 to 10 scale for the following: CSS, JQuery, Cold Fusion, SQL - Server Languages (php, .NET etc). Please include your desired hourly rate. Include number of hours you're available and when you are available

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