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Web Application Developer

Quartz is seeking an experienced Web Application Developer to work on its industry-acclaimed website.

Quartz is a four-year-old global business news organization from Atlantic Media—the owner of The Atlantic magazine—that has won awards for its site design, technology innovation, advertising execution, and journalism.

At our founding, we declared that “The future of journalism is written in code.” In this role, you would sit in Quartz’s newsroom alongside engineers, journalists, and designers, working on a news site that emphasizes the reading experience and seamless interaction, and values content over traditional business needs. Among other things, we’re building innovative new products such an open platform for charts and data called Atlas ( that uses React.js, working on better video ad formats than preroll, and giving back to the community via open source tools such as Chartbuilder. Most of our engineers have at some point written articles published on Quartz, which is representative of the unique creative and collaborative opportunities we offer.

Developers at Quartz may be called upon to work on any part of the site, rather than adhering to the usual labels of “front-end” and “back-end”. You should be comfortable adding a module to our Backbone.js application, building a custom WordPress plugin, or writing a hardware-accelerated CSS transition. Most of all, you should love creating things and take great personal pride in building beautiful, functional, and highly performant interfaces for external and internal users.

This is a serious opportunity to redefine the news reading experience, and you will work on a large number of fun and challenging problems as the site and team grow.

Core technical skills and experience:

Javascript application engineering, preferably Backbone but another MV* framework like Angular is sufficient

Working knowledge of Node.js, MongoDB

Experience with React.js + Flux

WordPress theme and plugin development

“Traditional” front-end work, i.e. HTML/CSS and presentation-layer Javascript/jQuery

Git(hub), with experience managing multiple repositories

Cross-browser and multi-platform experience

Experience with client-side performance tools, e.g. Chrome Timeline panel, profiler etc

Prolific writer of documentation

Core personal skills:

Self-motivated, detail-oriented, strong organizational skills, with a methodical approach to all tasks

Able to succeed in a fast-moving high-demand environment and willing to “roll up your sleeves” when necessary

Solid background in the fundamentals of software development

Deep understanding of best practices in mobile, tablet, and desktop user experience

Adaptable and willing to approach tasks with velocity and a high metabolism

Bonus points:

Experience with ad servers and other ad-related technologies

Previous employment at early-stage companies, preferably digital media startups

Experience using D3.js

Comfortable handling DevOps tasks

Experience writing automated unit tests in Javascript or PHP

Already approved as a VIP developer

Across Atlantic Media, generally, the firm looks for two “pillar gifts” in its candidates. In all of us, these are more aspirational than actual, but they are central in our intentions.

1. Force of Intellect – Atlantic Media seeks a discipline and rigor of thought as manifested, often, in exceptional academic performance and, later, success in a professional environment.

2. Spirit of Generosity – Equally, Atlantic Media seeks what we term a spirit of generosity – a natural disposition towards service and selfless conduct.

Atlantic Media is an EOE of Minorities/Women/Vets/Disability.

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