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User Experience (UX) Designer

About InMoment

InMoment is a cloud-based customer experience (CX) optimization platform that gives the world’s leading brands the ability to listen to and engage with their customers to improve business results through better experiences. Through its Experience Hub™, InMoment provides Voice of Customer (VoC), Social Reviews and Advocacy, and Employee Engagement technology as well as strategic guidance and tactical instruction support and services to 350 brands across 25 industries in 128 countries.

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Working with us

We love our employees. We strive to keep them happy and healthy. We are a relaxed, professional, friendly company who put the emphasis where it counts, namely excellent, fulfilling work and a happy bunch of colleagues. We strongly encourage a culture of collaboration and socialization and have received several best workplace awards. We live and believe what we are selling to the world. We apply what we know about getting opinions and driving organizational change right into our own business.

What we are looking for

A UX rockstar to join our incredible team. You are an intelligent, motivated, social, technical person with a high degree of curiosity and innate capacity. You’ve probably trained in UCD, interaction design or Usability with 5+ years of practical experience working in various industries and using a range of tools and technologies.

You Love UX. Period. At ease in the high-tech world of web/mobile software development, you live for crafting products that delight users. A self-motivated, self-directing collaborator who enjoys working with a small team of smart, passionate people like yourself. You never tire of discovering what users really need and using creative research methods to gather critical insights.

We are looking to fill this role in our Salt Lake City office.

As a User Experience Designer:

  • YOU HAVE MAD SKILLS…sketching and prototyping in your sleep so that you can spend most of your time on Users; understanding their needs, solving their problems and delivering insights to stakeholders. You have mastered the art of Guerrilla testing and never run out of creative ways to effectively validate designs in extreme conditions.
  • YOU OWN IT… and have an innate sense of good usability and voice your opinions with confidence. A critical thinker with a demonstrated knowledge of Interaction Design principles; you are able to identify needs, problem solve and effectively design user centric solutions that align with business goals.
  • YOU WORK IT… completely comfortable working in a fast-paced agile environment where all the answers have yet to be defined. Your trained expertise in lean usability, feedback and research methodologies afford you the pragmatism to assess the right fidelity required for the task at hand, whether it’s communicating your design to developers or conducting a usability session.
  • YOU GET IN THE GAME…working collaboratively with cross-functional teams. Flexible, able to compromise and take critique, you embrace opinions from Stakeholders, PMs and Developers, translating them into user focused solutions.
  • YOU BREATHE BEST PRACTICE…while keeping up with the latest trends, methodologies and tools in the industry. You expertly present recommendations to team members on functionality, content, and navigation that are considerate of the iterative process and project scope. You contribute to and expertly deploy IA structures, Pattern libraries and style guides to ensure consistency and quality across experiences.
  • YOU ARE INSPIRED… by beautiful designs that you experience in everyday life, you have a keen eye for design excellence, creating stunning, intuitive UI elements that feed the overall UX vision. Your visual design skills are solid and you are proud to have a strong portfolio of product designs that have been built and shipped to users.
  • YOU ARE ONE WITH YOUR INNER GEEK… and your creativity is undeterred by technical challenges. You understand established interactive technologies and possess an undying thirst to discover new ones. You’ve already learned CSS, HTML, and Javascript (or a JS library). You don’t mind figuring out code (or faking it well) to get your idea across; in fact, you LIKE it!

The UX Team

Our team is deeply involved in all aspects of the agile development process. We collaborate closely with the Executive Team, Product Managers, Developers and our Customers to craft meaningful experiences that inform and delight our users … and we have a blast along the way!

How to apply

All interested candidates are encouraged to send their resumes to . We thank all those who apply, however, only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. Please no phone calls.

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