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UX Specialization Course Writer (freelance)

About CareerFoundry:

CareerFoundry is a young, well-funded, and quickly growing Online Education Startup based in Berlin, Germany. We offer eager learners from all over the world the chance to hone their tech skills and jump into a new career in the Tech Industry. Since opening our digital doors in March of 2014, thousands of students from over 50 countries have come to us to kickstart their new careers.

CareerFoundry offers online courses in web development, UX design, UI design, and iOS Swift. Through our in-depth online courses, and by connecting our students with mentors who are experts actively working in the industry, we aim to transform complete beginners into tech professionals in just 6-9 months.

About the Course Writer Role:

You’ll be contracted for 2 months to write a specialized UX course for CareerFoundry students who have the UX Fundamentals course and UX Immersion course, the first two stages of our new Certified UX Designer program. The specialization course will serve as the final component of the program, enabling students to dive deeper into a specialized topic in the world of UX design. With the support of our curriculum team, you’ll work to deliver an engaging, challenging, and project-based online course which will take our students from beginners to competent and hirable UX designers.

The specialization course will take a part-time student 2 months to complete and a full-time student 1 month to complete. It will consist of approximately 15 text-based lessons supported by images, hands-on tasks, bite-sized video tutorials, and links to additional resources or further learning. Once completed, the course will be uploaded to our content platform and serve as the finishing line of the Certified UX Designer Program.

Currently, we have openings for the following UX specialization topics:

  • UI for UX Designers
  • Voice Design with Amazon Alexa
  • Frontend Basics for Designers (required: HTML, CSS, JavaScript basics)
  • UX Strategy
  • UX Research
  • UX Design for Marketing and CRO

Please indicate which specialization topic(s) you are interested in writing in your cover letter.

What we’re looking for:

The specialization course writer we’re looking for is a subject matter expert in UX design, and…

  • a native-level or fluent English speaker
  • an experienced writer with a strong interest in instructional writing
  • has classroom and/or online teaching experience
  • has experience collaborating with a remote team
  • a current UX designer with an up-to-date design portfolio and at least 3 years of experience in the tech industry
  • has specific expertise in the content specialization area applied for

What you’ll be doing:

With the support of the CF curriculum team, you’ll…

  • collaborate with another course writer to author the course content, project prompts for student portfolios, rubrics, and related tasks
  • participate in the production of video tutorials
  • work closely with our curriculum team to ensure quality and engagement

What’s in it for you:

Apart from the sheer joy of working independently and remotely, there’s also…

  • generous compensation and flexible working hours
  • the thrill of helping people around the world change their lives and cultivate a career they love
  • the addition of course writer to your CV and ongoing professional networking opportunities
  • a possible rolling contract on course updates and development

How to apply

Email your CV or resume and a cover letter in English with “UX Specialization Course Writer (freelance)” as the subject line to Complete a short practicum here:

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