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UX Senior Mentor

CareerFoundry is an online, mentored training platform in UX Design for people who have accepted the challenge of becoming a UX Designer. Our aim is to take complete beginners to the level of junior UX Designer in 10-12 months.

Students complete a series of projects throughout the course which will amount to their very first UX Design portfolio piece. Students will learn the entire UX Design process.

CareerFoundry Senior Mentors are connected to their students via the CareerFoundry platform. As a Senior Mentor, you’ll provide feedback and constructive criticism on your students’ tasks, and provide students with the guidance they need to improve their work through design reviews and industry insights. This is achieved through Skype calls and screencast (video) reviews.

When students are lacking in understanding in a certain key area, you’re there to encourage them, and provide supplemental tips and tricks to help them power through any roadblocks they encounter on their path to becoming professional UX Designers.

Mentoring is part-time, and very flexible. You decide how many students you can mentor, and when you are available to take calls with them, so you can fit your mentoring into your schedule, rather than fit your schedule around mentoring. On average, a Senior Mentor will spend around 5 hours a week working with students.

To help guide CareerFoundry students, mentors have at their disposal the entire CF course curriculum, course content, task requirements, and lesson specific guiding questions for delving deeper into the students’ understanding of core concepts. We also provide a Mentor Manual which details every step of the mentoring process, and contains an in depth appendix full of mentoring tools, tips, and best practices to facilitate the mentoring experience.

We’re always here to support our mentors by connecting them to the entire CF staff and mentoring community via Slack, where they can always reach out with questions, comments, thoughts, and feedback on how we can make mentoring even more fulfilling and rewarding for mentors and students.

Senior Mentors should have 8+ years UX Design experience, as well as an outgoing personality and a passion for helping others. Any previous teaching or mentoring experience is a definite plus.

What we’re looking for:

Senior Mentors at CareerFoundry should have friendly, outgoing personalities, and…

- 8+ years of professional UX Design experience

- Basic UI Design abilities

- In depth knowledge of industry best practices

- A strong desire to help others

What you’ll be doing:

During your time at CareerFoundry you will equip students with the tools they need to become career ready through…

- Regularly reviewing student projects submitted through the CareerFoundry platform

- Portfolio reviews and checking for fundamental understanding of concepts

- Skype calls to discuss industry and career related questions

- Screencast reviews – where senior mentors record themselves reviewing a student’s work

- Suggesting supplemental learning materials and personal insights in areas where students are struggling

What’s in it for you:

Apart from the sheer joy of working remotely and independently, mentoring is…

- Flexible and Mobile: work from anywhere with an internet connection

- Educational: deepen your own knowledge of UX Design by teaching it to others

- Fulfilling: directly impact students’ personal growth, and help them succeed in their goals

- Résumé Gold: mentoring and teaching experience is highly sought after by employers everywhere

How to apply

Send email to including CV/Resume, Linkedin and Portfolio.

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