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UX Director for Kabam

Kabam is growing and we’re growing quickly.

With offices in the Bay Area and internationally, we are growing at an exponential rate and this is just the beginning. We’re building games that are changing how social games are played and the success of our games has established us as a definitive leader in the strategic massively multi-player social gaming space. Our studio business model allows us to sustain a startup culture that empowers you to drive change and create and own the outcome of your contributions – contributions that impact millions of gamers daily.

Think you have what it takes to make real games? We want to meet you.


Kabam is looking for a User Experience Director to join our social gaming startup. You will be responsible for overseeing UX/UI over a number of game projects in production at our studios. You will be in charge of ensuring that all Kabam games follow a consistent course of good clear UX/UI, and help manage and develop the skills of UX/UI Artists and Designers.

You love staying current on all the hottest social games, identifying best practices, and working towards the implementation of best practices across our growing portfolio of games. And you’ll get to work with a talented and fun team of artists, designers and engineers creating terrific social gaming experiences!

Responsibilities include:

  • Designing compelling, rich, and scalable user interfaces for online social games
  • Acting as an advocate for the end user, making sure that our controls and information flow makes sense to people at home
  • Analyzing the current market of games, especially in relation to trends and best practices
  • Document use-cases, style guides, wireframes, prototypes, storyboards and mockups for a variety of game projects to effectively communicate and ensure consistency in design
  • Create and oversee the creation of the visual look and feel, styles, navigation and layout
  • Be able to adapt designs for use in HTML/CSS and Flash
  • Collaborate with project art leads, producers, front-end engineering teams and other creative staff
  • Assist in finding and hiring a dedicated team of UX/UI Artists and Designers


  • 5+ years experience in practical UX/UI design for games (web-based or social game experience a big plus)
  • Solid understanding of UX/UI design and best principles and of web and interactive design fundamentals
  • Excellent demonstrable graphic design skills
  • Advanced knowledge of Adobe Photoshop CS4/CS5 with an emphasis on page-layout design and graphic creation; InDesign and Illustrator a plus
  • Experience with Flash/AS3, HTML, and CSS
  • Strong cross-functional communications skills; verbal, written, and visual
  • Ability to produce high quality work quickly, and the tenacity to produce several rounds of iteration in pursuit of the best design solution for our games
  • Other drawing, illustration, and 3D skills nice to see but not required
  • Strong passion for gaming, especially in the social/casual sphere
  • Ability to take direction and to collaborate well: Must play well with others, and no prima donnas!
  • A terrific sense of humor
  • Must be available to work on site at our offices in Redwood City, CA


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