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UX / Front-End Web Developer

Famous Footwear is looking for a UX Developer!

Why Join Famous Footwear?

How about our extensive benefits package for all full-time employees (which includes medical, dental, vision, and 401k)?

What about working with a team full of forward-thinking, smart problem solvers who are looking to create a beautiful union between eCommerce and in-store interactions?

Or perhaps our collection of whiteboards will suit your fancy?

Who Are We?

We’re the UX Labs team for Famous Footwear and its partner brands (including, Naturalizer, Dr Scholl’s Shoes, and many more). Our mission is to push the boundaries between eCommerce and brick and mortar retail stores. We want to blur the lines between how people interact online and in-store, and we are looking for a new member to join our passionate labs team.

What’s The Deal with the Labs Team?

  • Our team members have the opportunity to work on exciting projects, via team collaboration, that actually move the needle for the business.
  • We thrive off of a “Dream it and build it mentality.” If you dream up a solution to a problem that compels you to take action, then we will find ways of supporting that action.
  • Move fast and break things! In addition to our “Dream it…” mentality, we don’t like to remain stagnate. We encourage failing quickly so we can learn from our failures and move forward. Experience is the best teacher!
  • We encourage growth and learning for all members of the UX Labs team. Team members are encouraged to attend conferences, learn new technologies, and increase their current skill sets.


  • Assures cross-browser and cross-device development of features across our digital properties that are designed to meet the needs of our users.
  • Assures collaboration with back end engineers to formulate optimal methods of interacting with our platform and presenting information to the customer.
  • Assures development of interactive wireframes and visualizations to facilitate user experience discussions among team members and business partners.
  • Assures continuous advancement of development techniques and methods by engaging in the web development community and sharing learnings with the production development team.

Position Essential Functions

  • Experience with strategic brainstorming and creative execution.
  • Participate in quality assurance initiatives on projects affecting the user experience.
  • Demonstrates the ability to learn quickly in technical and creative environments, while delivering quality work.
  • Speaks clearly and persuasively about front end development technology with a user centered approach.
  • Maintains a mastery over core technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Utilizes user experience methods, ideation, storytelling, prototyping, design frameworks, concept visualization and problem solving skills to create solutions for our users and opportunities for our business.
  • Assists the Project Manager and Manager, User Experience in planning and timeline estimate.


We are looking for a self-motivated, open-minded team member who has a strong background in (and passion for) web development. Ideally this person would would encompass most (if not all) of these points:

  • 3+ years of experience in front end web development.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate technical concepts clearly, accurately and accessibly.
  • Experience in diagnosing and resolving technical issues in systems or code.
  • Demonstrated experience in training, documenting or implementing business, technical, and creative strategies.
  • Programming experience in at least one server side language (PHP, Ruby, Node, etc.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Apple OSX
  • Sublime Text Editor (preferred)
  • Web Development Inspector Tools (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, and etc)
  • Version Control (Git preferred)
  • Experience with Wireframe Prototyping Tools
  • CSS Preprocessors (SASS, Less, Stylus)
  • Familiarity with Front End Development Tools and Frameworks (e.g. jQuery, Underscore.js, Angular.js, Mustache, Handlebars, React.js, HTML5oilerplate, SASS, LESS, Coffeescript, Require.js, Uglify.js, Grunt, Yeoman, etc.)

Fun Facts

  • Mac-based development environment.
  • A mobile device library for testing, and… well, for fun.
  • A team environment surrounded by white boards.
  • All the coffee, tea, and soda you can drink.
  • Ergonomic work chairs and a space dedicated to collaboration.

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