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UX Design Lead - Full Time or Contract

We provide a cutting edge mobile sales enablement platform for progressive sales teams around the world. Our innovative SaaS solution combines mobile, gamification, big data and social collaboration. We are a rapidly-growing start up with a cool tool that has already made us the leading company in our category. Even though we’ve enjoyed a great deal of success, there is still plenty of time to have your style stamped on the next generation.

What Drives Success in this Role

Right out of the gate you will be responsible for leading the user interaction and visual design for the next generation of our enterprise SaaS platform and mobile apps.

The cornerstone of our success with end-users has been our ease of use and fun factor. For our next generation we want to push the boundaries of usability and delight. And, as any good UX designer knows, accomplishing this lofty goal requires a great deal of thought and planning.

What it Takes to be a Top Performer

Our team is made up of engineering powerhouses who are among the best in their field. To round off the group we are looking for a UX designer who:

  • Is able to create an interface and workflow that gets out of the users way and is so effective they are barely aware it’s there. Design is not just how something looks, but how it works. And it needs to be flawless on both counts.
  • Is not just a visionary but knows how to get elbow-deep into planning and is able to effectively deliver their ideas to an Engineering team. Yes, we need someone who can envision a thing of beauty. But, if you aren’t able to translate those creative thoughts to others we’ll never be able to make it come to life.
  • Has a portfolio that speaks to your talents designing workflows for a platform in a mobile world. If you have a published app that is a testament to your understanding of the users, your ability to balance the simple with the fun and robust, your good taste, and your visual design sensibilities. Don’t tell us; show us.

The Experience We’re Looking For

  • Experience designing UI/UX for platforms in a mobile world. We value what you’ve done; quality wins over quantity.
  • Something we can see. We’re going to say it again because it is key … show us something impressive. We want to see that you can play in the big leagues (enterprise SaaS) and truly understand how to design for a mobile-first world.
  • Experience with responsive design. Our digital experience must adapt seamlessly to whatever device is being used.
  • History of bringing new ideas and an innovative approach to all aspects of your work.

The Tools We Use

It is a priority to give our engineers the latest tools they need to be successful. Experience with these technologies is preferred:

  • Balsamiq, Photoshop, Illustrator or similar tools to get your ideas across.
  • HTML5 and CSS3 to create clean, well-structured code that brings your ideas to life.
  • GitHub and other collaborative development tools.
  • HAML, Less as well as JavaScript jQuery experience a major plus.
  • Agile or similar development methodology.

About Qstream

We are a values-driven organization. We hire, reward and promote individuals who reflect the values we credit as the foundation of our success; passion, curiosity, intelligence, and adaptability. We need people who are driven to delight customers and to get stuff done. But, we don’t expect you to believe it because we’re telling you. We invite you to get to know us and see how we put these values into action.

Developed at Harvard, the Qstream solution is clinically proven to keep sales reps sharp and improve on-the-job performance. Busy reps respond to scenario-based challenges in just minutes using any mobile device. Onboard game mechanics ensure strong user engagement, and a sophisticated analytics engine captures dozens of critical data points and instantly transforms them into actionable insights for sales management, such as opportunities for tailored coaching.

Qstream’s customers include some of the world’s top brands in life sciences, technology and financial services. We’re based in Burlington, MA with development offices in the Aspen of the West, aka Hood River, Oregon and in the heart of Ranelagh village in Dublin, Ireland.

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