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We are a small startup looking for a key founding employee to take the lead on UX (HCI). Our primary product is related to online integration based on international telecommunications standards. Concordus Applications is a leader in REST API design and web application integration, contributing to the TeleManagement Forum. All of our employees are passionate and self-directed.

Essential functions

  • Responsible for developing UX solutions for web, mobile, and tablet devices that impress, engage, and empower users
  • Responsible for providing expert advice and analysis on key user interface problems and issues in existing or new products
  • Synthesize information from multiple sources including customer feedback to inform own words
  • Produce design concepts; create wireframes and mockups based on business requirements, translating product strategy into design concepts that meet user goals and business objectives
  • Provide wireframes and prototypes for redesigns or adjustments to existing designs
  • Enable prototypes to be used for internal or client review and usability testing
  • Responsible for participating in concept development and design ideation brainstorming sessions as needed. Maintain UI specifications based on evolving designs
  • Apply and evolve user empathy techniques including user research, usability testing, contextual interviewing, survey writing, and evaluation
  • Coordinate and moderate user testing with clients remotely or in-person
  • Collect, analyze, and present usability findings and recommendations
  • Assist in both small and large scale field studies in order to discover and deeply understand provider workflows, pain points, and overall user cultures
  • Other duties as assigned

Additional duties and responsibilities

  • Collaborates cross-functionally across the organization, senior management, and with customers
  • Research and stay current on user interface and usability best practice, as well as the latest interaction design trends for web applications
  • Responsible for keeping updated on emerging trends in technology, solutions, products, and services that will shape future customer experience innovations and expectations

Desired skills and experience

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent design school experience required, with prior UX or software development related coursework
  • 3+ years’ experience as a human factors practitioner, usability engineer, design researcher, interaction designer, HCI, or related occupations
  • Prior experience in delivering user-centered design projects
  • Relevant experience with designing user experience for large-scale web applications
  • Must be skilled in user research and information architecture or interaction design
  • Deep understanding of user heuristics, design principles, and best practices
  • Firm grasp of current web technologies and frameworks, and leverages them in concepts and designs
  • Must have graphic design skills such as understanding of color palettes, ability to create icons and graphics, page layout considerations, correct use of type are a plus


  • Must be able to champion the user experience strategy and vision set by the UX Manager and contribute to UX strategy and vision
  • Must be very comfortable with ambiguity and lack of clear definition
  • Strong technical and operational knowledge
  • Be a natural communicator with the ability to influence cross-functional organization
  • Proficient in user experience methodologies
  • Strong interpersonal verbal, writing, networking, presentation and negotiation skills
  • Articulate ideas and concepts clearly and concisely to peers and clients while quickly applying their feedback and direction, as needed
  • Must be able to communicate complex concepts and rally others for support of proposed design
  • Maintain a strong passion for user experience while keeping a pragmatic perspective in terms of cost, schedule, prioritization and real value

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