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UI Designer-Developer

Position: UI Designer-Developer

Company: Detroit Media Partnership (serving The Detroit News, Detroit Free Press & Gannett Michigan)

Unit: Innovation & Product Development


Let’s start with some of the benefits:

• The opportunity to reinvent the news business.

• A chance to invigorate the rise of Detroit.

• Tickets to Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons and Lions games.

• Team craft beer celebrations of project milestones (Michigan has over 130 breweries, you know)

• Ship projects that are meaningful and impact an audience that already numbers in the millions.

• Support two newsrooms that have won a combined 13 Pulitzer Prizes, in the fifth-largest news market in the country by total audience.

We’re looking for full-cycle interface designer, someone who can craft intuitive interfaces for new information and media products and take them from requirements to wireframe to code. We’re looking for someone who thinks of users first and knows that design is best when it’s invisible. Our innovation pipeline is built on human-centered design, and we’re reimagining how news products can solve real problems for people.

Our team needs a thought leader in front-end design and development. We use tools like UXPin, Invision, Keynotopia and old-fashioned pen and paper to create wireframes and rough prototypes. Maybe you use Omnigraffle, Sketch or others, too, and you obviously crush it in the Adobe suite.

You’re also schooled in best practices for interface design and information architecture, and you can move fluidly from designs to development. You’re regularly experimenting with new Jquery and Javascript libraries; you’re fluent with pre-processors, not just CSS.

The Detroit Media Partnership’s Innovation and Product Development unit (I&PD) is supported by colleagues in consumer research, marketing, advertising sales and some top-notch journalists. We’ve got legacy products that are built on a LAMP stack, but our new Python developer is quickly making converts and new evangelists.

Very few news and publishing companies have an innovation and product development unit, so we think this is a pretty fetching opportunity. If you’ve got the chops and want to join a fired up team, we want to hear from you.

For the right person, this is not only an opportunity to build cool stuff, it’s a chance to lead and teach and disrupt. Our unit is also charged with culture change, the battle against “the way things have always been done.” So if you want to really make a mark in product design, as well as help transform an organization through an understanding of agile and lean principles, again, let’s talk.


• Work as part of a collaborative team of researchers, project managers, designers, developers, marketers and sales staff.

• Build consumer-facing products that will become or be part of websites, web applications, native mobile apps and more.

• Help build process and system for an organization that is defining itself (read: making it up as we go) by incorporating best practices from technology enterprises.

• Interpret user insights and balance business needs in delivering products.

• Participate in human-centered design research, including field interviews and user testing.


We don’t care where you went to school or how long you’ve been at it, if

• Your portfolio knocks our socks off

• You can demonstrate proof of participation in the open source community, including work profiles in Dribbble, Behance, Github or similar online communities

• You show up with innovation and product ideas, but temper that enthusiasm by knowing it’s all about finding product-market fit

• You add to a collaborative culture that’s all about seeking to understand, life-long learning and shipping awesome stuff

• Hopefully, HTML, CSS, Javascript and industry standard design software are a given. You shouldn’t have to Google Jakob Nielsen, kerning, or D3, for example.

• There’s demonstrable proof of ongoing skill-building, i.e. completion of online coursework to acquire new programming languages, side projects authored outside of work, etc. You’re eager to learn and use new technology

• Bonus points: Familiarity with git or other version control systems

• You have a passion for or understanding of journalism and the news business


Send letter, resume and links to portfolio/profiles/etc. to

Apply online at

View our sites at:

How to apply

Send letter, resume and links to portfolio/profiles/etc. to . Apply online at

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