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Technical Writer


US: We are a dedicated group of professionals who believe in making an impact to improve lives at home and around the world. We work with 26 states across the country to help school districts improve the quality of education for all students. Our experts assist medical teams to learn how to reduce hospital errors. We provide Congress with insights on the myriad of challenges facing Medicare and Medicaid, and we provide international health and education services that bring hope to disadvantaged communities around the globe. For us, making the world a better place is not wishful thinking; it’s what drives us. Our Assessment Division is looking for talented writers who can inspire teachers to use the latest education technology to understand even more precisely what students know and can do. We need your help to translate our new systems into words and ideas that resonate with the real world. If this sounds like you, read on.

YOU: You are an outstanding, seasoned writer with a gift for explaining technical things to non-technical people – people often come to you for your easy-to-understand instructions on how to operate some technology or new app. You are also adept at writing in many voices and producing customer-centric text. In this role, you will write materials to help teachers understand how to use our online testing system. You are comfortable figuring out new system interfaces and have the ability to translate a system into specific questions asked by teachers. You will work cross-functionally with a team of software developers, testers, project managers and communications writers develop user guides, training manuals and tutorials. Your words will be read by millions of educators across the country and can help make a positive impact on education in our country. If you are ready for the challenge, we would love to hear from you.

This role is a part-time position with the opportunity to convert to full-time as it pertains to need and fit.


1. Develop plain-language User Guides and Training Manuals that speak to teachers and clearly explain how to use all components of the online testing system.

2. Write texts based on given keywords, visualize ideas, brainstorm and ultimately write explanations and descriptions that are compelling, fresh and attention grabbing.

3. Infuse all materials with a voice and tone to which teachers can easily relate

4. Recommend designs, layouts, and formats for all documents that can help teachers prioritize and quickly locate relevant information about each online testing system.


• Bachelor’s degree in Communications or Journalism or equivalent experience.

• 3-4 years of experience working in education, technology or product writing for a company with education or online products.

• Excellent writing and editing skills from a wide stylistic perspective according to a tone of voice that appeals to K-12 educators.

• Comprehensive knowledge of the English language, its grammar, punctuation and spelling, both written and oral.

• The ability to both write and edit texts that are clear, simple and concise with a customer perspective in mind.

• Experience working on parallel, multiple projects, for schools across the country.

• Excellent time management and organizational skills, and the ability to adapt to changing assignor prerequisites, project scope and/or dimensions.

Preferred qualifications:

• Experience reporting financial, scientific or statistical data to readers with basic or no data literacy

• 3-4 years of experience writing product descriptions, product tutorials and user manuals.

• Experience writing for education products or websites.

AIR offers an excellent compensation and benefits package, including a fully funded retirement plan, generous paid time off, commuter benefits, and tuition assistance. For more information, please visit our website at To apply, please go to Candidates must apply online for consideration. EOE.

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