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Tech Evangelist for a decade-old bootstrapped company

At FusionCharts, we create delightful JavaScript charting components for web and mobile apps.

So far we have spread the delight to 21,000 customers (LinkedIn, NASA, Apple, World Bank, you get the drift?) and 450,000 developers in 118 countries. We are a small team and we want your help to spread the delight further. So come join us as we enhance our engineering team in Bangalore.

As a technical evangelist, you will drive the adoption of our products and make it the most pervasive data visualization component in the world. The work involves building and showcasing interesting apps using FusionCharts Suite XT, helping our users make better visualizations, writing technical blog posts and guest articles, taking part in tradeshows to evangelize our products and providing inputs to product management. You will be donning multiple hats – Developer, Sales Engineer, Community Manager and sometimes Customer Support too!

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Create technical “how to” content in the form of blogs, videos, and articles to support the marketing and sales teams
  • Build interesting integrations with other products and frameworks
  • Work with the Sales Teams to answer pre-sales and post-sales technical questions
  • Engage existing customers and prospects through webinars on topics related to data visualization
  • Interact with customers on various platforms and communities to understand their requirements and solve their problems
  • Look for opportunities to promote FusionCharts products, both online and offline

Skills & Requirements:

  • 3+ years of experience in design and development of interesting web applications
  • Very good knowledge of JavaScript (including frameworks like jQuery) and CSS
  • Good experience in working with databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL etc.)
  • Ability to communicate to a technical audience through blogs, guest articles, forums posting, or other online community support

About FusionCharts

FusionCharts was started by a 17-year old in a quest for more pocket money. And today, we are a team of 60 young, fun and dynamic people. We have offices in Kolkata and Bangalore, both lovely ones in the most happening areas in the city.

The way we work

  • If you are an Apple fanboy, we will let it be that way. We won’t force you to become a Windows guy. Or the other way round.
  • Our tech teams are lead by leaders who contribute to the product in code. They are not just people managers. Whenever you run into a problem, or want to have an invigorating discussion on technology, your peers and leaders are always available.
  • We move fast and get things done. We would rather be wrong then late.
  • We believe meetings and BS and so is hierarchy. The best discussions happen over coffee and cigarettes.
  • We take our fun seriously. And we celebrate our successes.
  • We got books on us, so you know we are kind of important. FusionCharts Beginner’s Guide and the story of our startup journey – Not Just Another Pie In The Sky.
  • Also on that note, we are one of India’s most popular software product companies. So when you go to a tech meetup wearing a FusionCharts tshirt, half the people would already know you.

How to apply

Write in to Pallav, the 17-year old who founded FusionCharts a decade back, at

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