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Software gurus, front-end ninjas, LAMP masters and mad mathematicians should apply!

Palo Alto, CA (FULL-TIME, INTERN, H1B welcome)

Fellow engineers! We are hiring at Bloomboard!

We are a small startup currently working out of the AOL building on Page Mill. We just won within our division at South by Southwest ( and recently had an article written about us in the Wall Street Journal (

We are writing software that is having a direct impact on K12 education throughout America. Our hope is that our product will increase the effectiveness of the teacher evaluation process as well provide a large marketplace of tools and training for schools throughout the Country.

Right now we are small but we are growing very fast. We are only hiring top-tier engineers that have a passion for what they are doing and would like to see their efforts help something that really matters.

We are currently building LAMP applications but we are open to hiring smart people that run the gammat. If you know how to program, you know UX/design, you excel in mobile or you are a mad mathematician and want to get some IP under your belt, drop me a line!


Send any questions, comments or resumes my way.

Senior Engineer, Bloomboard

How to apply

Drop me a message!

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