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Software Engineer (#9512)

The University of Maryland (UM) in Baltimore, Institute for Genome Sciences (IGS) is recruiting for an Software Engineer/Information Systems Engineer.

Comprised of an inter-disciplinary team of investigators, IGS uses powerful tools of genomics and bioinformatics to understand genome function in health and disease, to study molecular and cellular networks in a variety of model systems, and to generate data and bioinformatics resources of value to the international scientific community. The Bioinformatics group at IGS includes researchers with expertise in genome assembly, genome analysis and annotation, comparative analysis, evolutionary analysis, systems, biology, cancer genomics, and genotyping. The Informatics Resource Center (IRC) at IGS provides annotation and analysis of genomic data for projects locally and internationally, using state-at-of-the-art computational infrastructure. The Genomics Resource Center (GRC) is a high-throughput laboratory and data analysis group supporting the scientific program of IGS and its collaborators, both across the University of Maryland Baltimore campus and across the globe. Using multiple sequencing and analysis platforms, the GRC generates high-quality genomic data in a cost-effective manner.

The Information Systems Engineer will design and implement IT application solutions that meet campus business requirements while providing optimal performance and ensuring integration with related systems. The preferred candidate will proven competencies with Java based frameworks such as Java Server Faces (JSF), Jave Message Service (JMS), Javer Server Pages (JSP) and servlet technologies. The selected candidate will be familiar with Java application development and object-oriented analysis and desgin.

Essential functions

  • Work with users and other IT staff to determine and develop specific information systems requirements and processes.
  • Evaluate specifications and requirements against available solutions.
  • Analyze, design, develop, and implement fully integrated systems which may include applications, databases, networks, and related systems.
  • Ensure system integrity and efficiency.
  • Recommend modifications for third party software products and act as a liaison to software vendors to meet user needs.

Minimum qualifications

  • At least 4 years appropriate education, experience, and/or training in programming.
  • The preferred candidate will be skilled with, and have experience including the use of a modern interpreted programming language such as Python, Ruby, or Perl. We are seeking a candidate that is familiar JUnit testing programs for providing quality control and ensuring a high degree of reliability. The ability to communicate technical material to non-technical staff and faculty and to produce quality documentation and specifications is crucial to success in this position.

Knowledge, skills and abilities

  • Provide support to senior-level staff.
  • Ability to collaborate with clients and/or other members of the team.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to use applications software, data structures, utilities, operating systems, and communication interfaces within the existing computing environment.
  • Ability to use systems work flow and logic flowchart techniques.
  • Ability to keep current with emerging software and programming technologies/techniques.
  • Aptitude to perform systems analysis.
  • Programming skills in appropriate industry standard 3rd and 4th Generation Languages and Tool Sets.
  • Knowledge of existing campus-defined systems, applications, and standards.
  • Knowledge of systems development life cycle and structured systems development techniques.
  • Knowledge of formal data flow analysis methodologies.
  • Knowledge of database design concepts and network operating systems.
  • Familiarity with client/server technologies and website applications.
  • Ability to perform systems and applications needs analysis.
  • Ability to develop application implementation plans, install software, and apply fixes.
  • Ability to support users and assist them in the use of application software.
  • Provide mentoring to those with less knowledge of systems engineering.
  • Knowledge of Client/Server and WEB technologies.
  • Knowledge of system/equipment capability, design restrictions, and security requirements.
  • Ability to integrate all systems including operating systems, applications, networks, and databases, as well as knowledge of distributed processing technology.
  • Ability to apply consultative skills to assess and evaluate user needs and communicate technology alternatives and solutions.
  • Ability to identify hardware/software interface problems.
  • Ability to prepare requests for proposals and evaluate responses, and conduct feasibility studies.
  • Ability to lead, instruct, guide, and assist Information Technology staff members during the development, testing, and implementation of computer systems.
  • Ability to use project management tools.

Hiring Range: Commensurate with education and experience

Posting Date: 6/13/14

Filing Deadline: Open Until Filled

How to apply

Visit the University of Maryland, Baltimore website: and apply to position #9512

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