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Software Architect for Backend / Microservices

Develop and maintain a comprehensive Microservice REST API for our SaaS business software with us!

The HQ is the state-of-the-art web-tool for project driven businesses. We help our customers – mostly agencies and consultants – to manage their day-to-day tasks. Smart, fresh and convenient in all business-areas starting with acquiring customers to project management and billing.

Our awesome team is growing fast and we seek the perfect addition to our development team. After 5 years, our SaaS application finally gets a completely overhauled front-end based on state-of-the-art client-side technologies such as Angular 4. At the same time we’re building a comprehensive Microservice Architecture for our REST API backend from scratch.

What you can expect @ HQLabs:

- A highly motivated team of professional developers striving to build the most awesome web application ever

- A high-end technology stack with Git, Continuous Integration, Azure Cloud Services, REST API, .NET Core business logic and lots more

- Scrum-based agile development

- Fast time-to-market and a high impact of your contribution

That’s where you come into play:

- Design, develop and maintain a new Microservice Architecture for our REST API

- Define database access, business logic and the entire service architecture

- Design and develop the components of our service landscape and business logic including background jobs, database access and product logic

- Design, develop and improve automated tests and code quality

Your experience:

- Advanced experience in developing .NET C# applications with database access via SQL and Linq

- Experience in designing distributed software architectures and microservices

- Experience in working with or developing REST APIs, ideally Azure Cloud-hosted

- Passion for trying and learning new things

This is us:

We’re HQLabs – we develop, sell and operate a smart, web-based SaaS tool for agencies and consultants.

Based in the heart of Hamburg HafenCity, we work – and sometimes sleep – in an office with a great view on the Elbe and the Elbphilharmonie. Our small family has already grown to more than 30 people and we all enjoy every day in the office. The entrepreneurial spirit is ever-present as we strive to make our application better and better. This sometimes requires throwing old patterns over board and a constant curiosity for new ideas. That’s why we provide time and space to try new things which ultimately make the company a better place and the HQ a better tool for our users. To foster that, our developers visit conferences like AngularConnect or code.talks and we regularly host the Angular meetup in our office. We love great software and only use the most awesome tools like Jira, Confluence and Slack in our team.

A large part of the team would say they see each other nearly 7 days a week and not because of the workload but rather due to the lots of leisure activities we do together. Examples are playing beach volleyball, making BBQs, LAN parties, going out for dinner, making boat trips or long bike tours in summer.

Do you want to work in a dynamic and ambitious team, build great software in an awesome environment? Get in touch with us and include a brief CV. We’d be happy to get to know you in a casual meeting.

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