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Senior Visual Designer


Day-to-day you’ll be working with creative, user experience, product and implementation teams to design visual experiences for our amazing clients. You can expect to be challenged and inspired on a daily basis by your peers, who love what they do. We’re looking for someone who’s passionate about design and wanting to create the next generation of ecommerce.

Key Responsibilities:

Create engaging, usable and effective visual design solutions to achieve user-centered goals

Lead client projects and work with both clients and team leads to meet project goals

Develop brand standards and style guides for both clients and WebLinc

Develop brand materials to effectively communicate brand goals

Mentor and lead junior designers to constantly evolve their abilities

Take an iterative approach to design while being collaborative and open to critique

Develop design systems for use within the WebLinc product offering

Design for both web and apps utilizing responsive techniques

Required Skills:

4+ years of full-time experience designing websites, apps and other experiences

Expert knowledge of Adobe suite of software or equivalent

Understanding of user experience testing methods: user testing, usability testing, heuristic evaluations, user surveys, A/B and multivariate testing

Understanding of Google Analytics and other analytical data and its importance to driving design decisions

Excellent interpersonal, organizational, communication, and multitasking skills

Experience working with clients directly (in person meetings, conference calls, etc.)

Insatiable curiosity for learning

Working knowledge of HTML and CSS

Team Role:

Direction: Director of User Experience, Creative Director

Collaborating with: Visual designers, user experience designers, front & back-end developers, product & project managers

Supervises: Junior visual designers

How to apply

Please send your resume, design samples/portfolio and at least 3 examples (with front-end code) of your best work to

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