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Senior User Experience Designer

Are you a passionate UX pro with the proven ability to create simple, innovative, and elegant design solutions that help solve real user and business problems? Do you have a love for online games and the player communities that surround them (esp. MOBAs and MMORPGs)? Then let us introduce you to a Senior User Experience Designer role at Riot games.

As a Senior UX Designer, you will work closely with UX leadership, researchers, customer teams and other stakeholders to understand the League of Legends product vision and player needs, then create and help validate proposed designs with real players. You will drive the UX direction of end-to-end player solutions and find opportunities for further research, improvement and innovation. You will also work with other talented UX designers on your team to define and implement design standards that help the company create a consistent, quality experience for its players across League of Legends products (, HUD, etc.).

The ideal candidate is passionate about UX and games, and is eager to learn new methods and technologies. You also have a reputation as a great collaborator and facilitator, have experience relating to others from different disciplines and backgrounds, and can effectively incorporate insights from many different perspectives into your work.

More about the Sr. User Experience Designer role and responsibilities:

  • Facilitate the UX design process within cross-functional teams in order to solve business and user problems effectively together.
  • Educate and evangelize the importance of human factors, user feedback, and data-driven decisions in designing the end-to-end user experience.
  • Work with stakeholders and teammates to elicit, understand and codify requirements for various projects.
  • Create interface wireframes and user flows, ensuring iterative feedback is incorporated into the development process.
  • Work with the UX team to define and maintain interaction pattern libraries that can be shared with teams across the organization.

More about the Mad-Skillz Sr. UX Designer that is you:

  • You know core User Experience Design principles better than you know your own mother.
  • Your best work comes from a place of collaboration and teamwork, which is perfect for this Agile environment.
  • You know how to effectively articulate your ideas and you have logic and research to support them.
  • You have stories of when you had “a-ha” moments when talking with customers/users.
  • You are comfortable with some degree of ambiguity and a rapid pace — and in fact thrive in such environments (no stodgy bureaucracies for you!).
  • You’ve made good use of user research data to inform and/or adjust your UX designs solutions (pre and post launch) so they kick some serious butt (we even have an awesome onsite usability lab and a really smart research dudes to help make it happen).
  • You have an understanding and appreciation for using quantitative analytics to help inform and guide UX design decisions.
  • You know how and why user centered design-thinking helps achieve BOTH user goals AND business goals and you’re happy to spread the word.
  • You have experience working on high-traffic, deep-content sites that are CMS driven.
  • You have experience launching top notch web interfaces and information architecture for full-scale. redesigns as well as highly iterative site evolutions.
  • You are an expert at the UX tools in your toolbox.
  • You understand the technologies used to create great web experiences enough that your designs account for their inherent strengths and limitations.
  • You play nice with others and recognize that the best results come from communicating throughout your process (this *doesn’t * mean you’re afraid to speak your mind).
  • You enjoy helping to grow the skills of other, more junior, UX designers but also realize that you still have a lot to learn (mentoring is a two-way street and you enjoy driving on it).
  • You prefer Agile Development to Waterfall any day of the week.
  • Even if you don’t call yourself a gamer you have a love of games, especially online strategy games.

Sound like you? Then what are you waiting for? Send us your résumé and sample deliverables (we especially love to see your process. Whiteboard sketches are da bomb)! We know there’s no I in team but there is innovation –and we’re gearing up to innovate +100%.

We’re fun, passionate, hard-working peeps who love what we do and the people we do it with…actually, People are number one on our list. Just as we strive to be the most player-focused game company in the world, Riot Games’ mission is also to be the most employee-centric place to work. We are all about fostering a positive, passionate and engaging work environment that celebrates collaborative ownership and continuous improvement.

We’ve got the usual perks…and then some. Beyond competitive salaries and benefits, subsidized gym memberships, company-paid meals and top-notch computer equipment, we’ve also got some perks that may raise a few eyebrows, such as regular company “Show and Tell” sessions infused with adult beverages, annual company outings (last year’s was a cruise to Mexico) and daily League of Legends playtests.

Besides, how many other jobs do you know where playing games is part of the job, not something you try and hide from your boss when he walks by?

How to apply

To apply, please send your cover letter, resume and sample deliverables with Senior User Experience Designer | Name in the subject line to:

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