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Senior Presentation Layer Developer

Razorfish is one of the largest interactive agencies in the world and currently has more than 2,000 employees in 20 offices in seven countries (Australia, China, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States) focusing exclusively on digital marketing and technology. Each office is filled with opportunities for people who want to invent the digital future. It’s a big challenge, but it’s a big Internet, and there’s work to be done.

We are seeking an entrepreneurial Senior Presentation Layer Developer to join our rapidly growing Technology team in our industry-leading presentation layer development practice.

This role bridges the creative and technical aspects of project delivery— with little supervision a Senior Presentation Layer Developer implements the presentation tier including front-end and server-side technologies merging the technical architecture with creative designs and art direction. To achieve this integrated approach, the qualified candidate must have fundamental understanding of the creative aesthetic while implementing technically across a variety of platforms and frameworks. Ultimately, the Senior Presentation Layer Developer is responsible for all aspects of Presentation Layer development including all project related browser and server technologies responsible for rendering the user experience.

Core Duties/Responsibilities:

•Responsible for coding the execution of complex designs and interactions that reflect the creative and art direction provided within the established technical framework

•Responsible for creation of all coded Presentation Layer deliverables

•Works well as a team member on large accounts, understanding how a team operates and what is expected of the various roles on the project

•Able to shift between a creative and a technical focus depending on the project need and/or the type of project

•Establishes presentation layer requirements

•May need to rapidly produce interim deliverables (such as style guide components, technical specifications, browser and market analysis, prototypes, proofs of concept, etc.) in addition to the final live site or application

•Participates in developing supporting proposal materials for projects

•Participates in scoping and planning work

•Participates in writing detailed technical and functional specifications documentation

•Able to take initiative to research and learn emerging technologies

•May manage a small team of Presentation Layer Developers

•Participates in the greater Presentation Layer Community

Required Skills/Knowledge/Experience:

•At least 4+ years experience hand-coding D/XHTML, JavaScript, CSS 2 and Flash

•At least 2+ years experience using ASP, ASP.Net, JSP, PHP or other frameworks used to develop dynamic web pages

•Expertise developing and testing across multiple browsers, platforms, DOM implementations, etc.

•Experience with XML: XSLT, DTD or Schema modeling, DOM/XPath/SAX parsing

•In addition, experience or working knowledge of Struts / taglibs (like JSTL, i18n, custom) preferred

•Experience with Rich Internet Applications, Macromedia Flash and AJAX, particularly technical and coding aspects such as Action Script 3, Flex Data Services, Data Binding, Components, etc. required. Flex or Silverlight experience a plus

•Experience with portal server products

•Experience with content management systems (CMS) and version control systems

•Experience with Analytics Solutions (Omniture, Google Analytics, WebTrends)

•Image production techniques using Fireworks

•User Interface Design, Information Architecture, graphic design experience a plus

•Understanding of good design principles and ability to adhere to complex design specifications during implementation

•Experience developing accessible websites (Section 508, W3C WAI Guidelines, etc.)

•Experience Optimizing for Search Engines

•Demonstrated ability to accurately estimate and scope development work

•Strong attention to detail

•Strong written & oral communication as well as presentation skills

•Team management skills

•Willingness to travel

At Razorfish, the Internet is not a hobby. Technology is not something we dabble in. And digital design is not a sideline while we create print ads or television commercials. We were born digital, passionate about blending art and science, about defying the edge of what is possible. We got to be #1 because we believed — and still do — in the power of the Web to transform lives, and brands.

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