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Senior .NET Developer

Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation (MSDF) is a private family foundation dedicated to transforming the lives of children living in urban poverty through better health and education. Pragmatic, disciplined and innovative in our approach and global in our perspective, the foundation seeks to concentrate resources where there is opportunity to achieve direct, measurable, replicable and lasting systemic changes that improve a significant numbers of lives.

We distribute over $100 million annually with current work, primarily in the United States and India while expanding into South Africa. We are focused in three areas:

Urban Education – improve education environments in urban areas to better student performance and increasing access to quality education through driving Performance Management in urban districts, encouraging innovation through charter schools, developing school leadership, and offering college scholarships in the U.S; and improving primary education and literacy in India.

Childhood Health – to improve access to quality health care, instill healthy lifestyles and behaviors to stem childhood obesity and Type 2 diabetes, and foster world-class applied pediatric health research in the U.S.; and globally, to support international organizations working to provide access to basic health services, clean water and sanitation in underdeveloped areas.

Family Economic Stability– to encourage economic and social progress, life skills development and basic health for India’s urban poor through accessible, affordable financial product like loans, savings, transfer services and other financial and support services.

Additionally, we feel a special responsibility to the underserved in our home state and support statewide initiatives and non-profit programs addressing Education, Childhood Health & Fitness and Childhood Safety issues in Central Texas.

The foundation has its headquarters in Austin, Texas in the United States, and liaison offices in Delhi, India, and Cape Town, South Africa. Additional information may be found at our web site:

Current Opportunity – Senior .NET Developer

Due to growing adoption of new technology in our organization, we seek a seasoned .NET developer to help us design, architect, and develop new functionality for our suite of ASP.NET-based line of business tools. You will be an important contributor on a Dev/QA team of five people that create and maintain the code platform used to manage over $100 million in giving per year. You will work with the latest technology and extremely bright and motivated grant officers to take our fully paperless processes to the next level.

The ideal candidate demonstrates the following qualities:

• You are a go-to person for Web application development in .NET and C#. People rely on you to deliver outstanding, innovative designs with a significant attention to detail, scalable architecture, and user interfaces that delight your customers.

• You value constant forward momentum, you know how to get the most out of your development time, and you are considered a top performer who delivers on schedule.

• You possess creativity and agility in the face of complex technical problems and you demonstrate prototypes and proof of concept code to get feedback from business customers.

• You love to build solutions that to meet business needs. You work collaboratively with both your business partners and technology team to build solutions that work. You are deeply inquisitive of the big pictures and embrace healthy conflict all in the effort to build the best solutions possible.

The ideal candidate should have a BS in Computer Science or equivalent degree/industry experience and has spent at least 4 years directly responsible for developing web-based software applications. In the interview, the candidate will be asked to demonstrate their skills by writing real-time code samples based on questions from the interviewers. The candidate should have experience with architecture and development of n-tier Web applications and deeply understand the following technologies:

ASP.NET, C# and Visual Studio

AJAX, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, JQuery

• .Net Entity Framework 3.5 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008

• Unit testing methodology with NUnit or Visual Studio Test Edition

• Telerik Web controls

We offer a highly competitive salary and first class 401k, dental, and medical benefits. Our environment is agile, innovative, and small so we can offer a unique opportunity to use your technology experience to make a significant difference in the lives of children living in urban poverty.

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