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Senior Magento Developer

Pod1 is looking for a Snr Magento PHP Developer with at least 5+ years of PHP5, object-oriented programming, MySQL. Advantageous extras include Zend and Magento.

This exciting and varied role will require a strong coder who is able to work under their own initiative and has experience building modular content management systems and e-commerce applications.

The ideal candidate is capable of thinking the big picture when it comes to development, and able to code defensively. You are currently either a strong middleweight developer who wants to extend your skill set, or you are a senior developer in a small team who has loads of great ideas that you want to unleash.

You will be comfortable dealing with customers, but this will not be the core focus of this role. This is a hands on role that lies at the core of our organization requiring a true all arounder.

As a Snr Magento Developer at Pod1, your role and responsibilities will consist of:

  • Help manage day-to-day project development by revising technical solutions, negotiating with Creative, Production and Design teams, and guiding overall development progress towards successful deliverables.
  • Evaluating and identifying any technical risks within client briefs, while working with Designers and Creative on pitches and proposals that both meet consumer and client expectations, but also have a clear path for successful execution within the given and identified constraints.
  • Evaluating and establishing web technologies used on a project, while always considering existing environment constraints and any integration points.
  • Participating in writing detailed level technical specifications.
  • Defining coding standards and participating in code reviews of internal andexternal back-end developers.
  • Mentor developers on an on-going basis to ensure best practices are being maintained.
  • Act as technical point of contact for the client and/or third-party vendors during the project timeline, which includes participating in any technical client issues or requests that may occur during that time, this includes on- going BAU tasks or issues.
  • Identifying, architecting and prototyping key areas of the front-end application given the existing environment constraints and third-party requirements.
  • Help team avoid pitfalls of inexperience such as unrealistic promises, excessive focus on perfection at the expense of “good enough” and lack of accounting for unexpected or unknown setbacks.
  • Work with project managers by assisting in defining timeline phases and deliverables, project tasks and estimates and resource allocation.
  • Work with project managers during resource meetings by helping with delegation of development and on-going BAU tasks.
  • Reporting to project managers any risks or possible delays within the project.
  • Taking initiative to research and learn emerging technologies.

Technical skills required:

  • Zend framework experience
  • Magento experience
  • Excellent LAMP developer
  • Demonstrable Object Oriented experience (preferably in PHP)
  • Good understanding of current HTML/CSS/XHTML standards
  • Demonstrable experience of working with Large Systems
  • Understanding of why array_key_exists() is better than isset()

Technical skills desired:

  • Linux experience / System Administration skills would be an advantage
  • Java script coding skills
  • Any Extreme Programming / RAD skills
  • Subversion experience

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