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Project Managers

A web company based in Goa, India is looking for project managers to handle key web projects its clients. We need people with passion and deep knowledge of the web.

Knowledge Based Project Management

We are a web company engaged with various clients for making their web projects more meaningful and business effective. A Project Manager’s role in such a case can easily become analogous to the client servicing role in a typical agency. A role where the he/she is responsible for getting a brief from the client, translating it to the creative/technical team and sell the creative output to the client. For us, it just starts there.

We expect our project managers to do more than just managing the flow of the projects. We expect them to have a breadth of knowledge regarding various aspects of web projects. Our project managers need to have an opinion on the decisions that our clients are taking about their web projects and these opinions need to be based on solid knowledge. Not to mention that they have to keep their radar up and keep learning as the web is a very dynamic place.

Our engagement with clients is very involved and the project manager is at the forefront of these engagements. Project managers interact with the top executives from our client organizations who see us as ‘trusted advisers’ from the web world. These clients know their business well, but they rely on our advice to leverage the web for their business. “I will check with my tech guy and get back” is hardly a convincing answer in such situations.

If this ‘knowledge based project management’ role excites you AND you are looking to make a career (and life) in a peaceful place like Goa, do get in touch with us.

Designers, technologists and other web practitioners may also apply.

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