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Project Manager

Paperless Post’s Product team is seeking a Project Manager to work on new and existing features. The successful candidate will join a growing team and have a real voice in an established, iterative process. A Project Manager here splits his/her time between making improvements on existing features and creating new features within a larger, already defined project. This role reports to the VP, Product and works closely with UX and interface designers.


Improve Existing Features

*Identify and understand what needs to be changed

*Generate sensible, actionable solutions

*Clearly communicate solutions to the team, including use of ticketing system and wireframes

Create New Features

*Fully understand goals within the feature and larger project

*Process and use information gathered from any user tests, surveys, and internal conversations

*Create specs and wireframes

*Work with UX and interface design team to refine ideas and take them to completion


*1-2 years project management experience, preferably in a consumer-facing company. Start-up experience a plus

*Proven ability to think strategically in both the short and long term

*Exceptional organizational and communications skills

*Demonstrated ability to translate consumer needs into product improvements

*Ability to thrive in collaborative, fluid work environments

*Deep understanding of current technologies and web and mobile usability standards

How to apply

Please send your resume to . In lieu of a cover letter, please take a look at our product and identify a few things you would change (you do not need to say how you would change them).

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