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Product Designer

We seek a Product Designer to act as a strategic lead for a new product innovation lab on a mission to change the credit card experience, deep inside a company with millions of existing customers.

As one of the founding members of a small, multi-disciplinary team of technologists, designers, and product strategists, you’ll have the freedom to make key product decisions without much oversight, and the tools and resources to build and ship ideas quickly. You’ll be a part of a startup-like environment in a company with millions of existing users.

Your mission: before the dawn of the Internet, banking was intimate and personal. People loved it. Today, the trend toward digital seemed to have made things worse. Statements look like an accounting ledger. Self service is clunky. We play phone tag when we call customer service.

These are big problems, and we want you to solve them.

How we will work

We will exude leanness, practicing iterative design techniques to concept, prototype, test, and build products. We will commit to a fast-paced release cycle from idea to product, measured in weeks instead of months.

You’ll have equal say throughout the product development process — from conception, to build, to launch. You’ll create paper prototypes. You’ll meet with customers. You’ll observe credit card behavior at small businesses. Your work will evolve into a product that will ship within 6 months of your start date.

What you’ll do

  • Participate in every stage of the design work—from creating concepts and presentations, making pixel perfect visual layouts and redlines, to working with engineers and pushing out production assets
  • You’ll participate in user testing and transform those findings into new interfaces
  • You’ll collaborate with a team of strategists, designers, and engineers, dedicated to crafting new solutions for delivering service to our customers
  • Through regular product meetings, transforming consumer stories into product ideas, storyboarding, and prototyping UX experiences, you’ll grow your own skills and those of your colleagues

Who you are

You’re a designer at a start-up with a life-span near its finish. You’re the talented member of a team at a popular technology company looking for the opportunity to have more say over what you do. You’re the workhorse at an agency, tired of designing products for promotions instead of real users.

We are looking for someone who wants to design solutions in a team designed to change the way a large corporation works.

Ever thought of creating your own product? Some signs you might be ready:

  • You’re a maker, above all else. Working alone or with other designers you have shipped an experience well-received by users, one that wasn’t just incremental change but an entirely new product. In your spare time, you’ve collaborated with friends to conduct experiments outside of work. You make first and write later, understanding the value of prototypes, small trials, and fast fails. While you’re striving for steady and slow pixel-perfection in front of your screen, we’d love to see a prolific and messy arts and crafts ability.
  • User experience and visual design is your one-two punch. You can prototype and design in HTML, skipping traditional tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator. You are comfortable working at various levels of resolution—from whiteboard sketches to detailed design work. You can create wireframes and articulate flows, create pixel-perfect mockups, and work iteratively with our engineering team.
  • Your experience is quality over quantity. Years of professional experience isn’t important, but an understanding of what it takes to build a product from scratch is.
  • You’ve been responsible for developing products that have successfully gone to market. Your portfolio emphasizes mobile work (e.g., iOS, Android), but you’re desktop work is just as sharp. You’re comfortable with Lean UX methods.
  • You put users first. You believe that users should have the loudest voice in the room. You make to learn. You understand the role of validation and its place in the product development process.

Check out for more information.

How to apply

Email josh.upton [at] for more information or visit

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