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Product Designer (UX/UI)

As Product Design Maven, your primary role will be combining your knowledge and expertise in UX and UI design with the goals of our business to deliver the best experience possible to our customer base. You are interested in helping us solve the problems marketers face and know how to present data in an actionable, delightful manner. You are comfortable taking a data-led approach to design, but can also hold your own on the importance of intuition in design. It’s understood that product design is a fast-paced, iterative and at times ambiguous process—and you’re okay with that.

We have big plans in our pipeline and need a innovative, focused designer who knows what they’re doing to help. In the next year, we are planning a redesign of our whole app, possibly mobile products and new features that have been requested by our awesome customers.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work in tandem with our VP, Design Maven to design a consistent, delightful and enjoyable product
  • Work directly with engineering to implement product features
  • Produce user flows, wireframes, prototypes, user interface specs and high fidelity mockups — whatever is needed to get the job done!
  • Be able to hold your own as an experience designer when speaking to Business and Engineering — can you prove design is worth it?
  • Gather + utilize customer feedback to improve the overall experience and design

What we’re looking for

  • A compelling portfolio of sketches, wireframes, hi-res comps etc that clearly expresses your ability to create successful design solutions.
  • Mastery of tools to get the job done – Photoshop, Sketch, Omnigraffle—whatever it is, you know it and own it.
  • Always trying to improve your process and methods to get a clearer picture.
  • Track record of applying customer and user insights, and intuition into a user experience.
  • The ability to communicate (verbally and written) clearly and concisely both your motives and instructions for product feature implementation.
  • A desire to learn the ins and outs of our product and ways to better our user experience.
  • Experience working closely with an engineering team on implementation of product features.
  • Working knowledge of HTML + CSS, bonus for actually writing it.
  • Previous work in Agile product design/dev teams
  • Someone who is active in the design community, or interested in being more active (We have speakers, GA instructors, and AIGA board members on our team.)


  • Competitive salary and equity
  • Commuting reimbursement/walk-to-work perk
  • Cell phone reimbursement
  • Daily free catered lunch
  • Annual Capital Bikeshare membership
  • No deductible, 100% premium coverage health insurance
  • A silly, fun, supportive environment to nurture your career
  • Relocation to DC available for the right candidate

The Maven Way

TrackMaven’s mission is to make marketers more effective by giving them data that is vivid, understandable, and actionable. We believe our team should be full of Mavens: people who are absurdly talented and passionate but also a little bit goofy. We think that doing great things is difficult; it takes guts and the brightest minds giving everything they’ve got. We are clear communicators; transparent, open-minded and patient. We value autonomy and giving each employee what they need to get their job done in the most efficient way. We believe that your work matters, and we want you to feel that way too and own it.

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