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Online Marketing Data Analyst

Our IDEAL Candidate: YOU are an innovative and analytical individual with a passion for understanding how to make fact based decisions and optimize process based on the facts derived from the data and analysis. You’re results-oriented, and think goals are made to be exceeded. You possess a high level of business acumen, communication skills and professionalism as you interface with key executives on a daily basis. You have a team-first attitude, and thrive in a creative and dynamic work environment where you’re at the center of data optimization efforts.

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What you’ll be doing: As a Online Marketing /Business Analyst you will be responsible for collecting and analyzing extremely large amounts of data to evaluate potential optimizations and audit existing processes. You will manage daily monitoring, analysis and optimization to determine how to best make changes within Acquinity Interactive’s campaigns and strategic arrangements meant to generate above-market revenue growth.

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What you’ll be responsible for:

• Build and automate KPI tracking and forecasts for online marketing campaigns.

• Conduct business research and search various trends and provide concrete suggestions/feedback on driving and maintaining yield using analytical and statistical analysis.

• Use superb analytics and business judgment to identify, prioritize, structure and solve complex data monetization and optimization issues.

• Data mining and analysis of marketing campaigns’ impact on user acquisition and monetization.

• Monitor, optimize and report campaign performance in summarized reports.

• Collaborate with Technology to build enhanced tracking/optimization reports, automated alerts, Business Rules & Escalation Processes for resolution.

• Daily monitoring, analysis and optimization of offers. Analyze revenue, CPM performance, click and conversion rates, failures, etc. and report trends.

• Strong presence on data mining, testing and measurement, web, and marketing analytics

Good so far? Great!

Your Must-Haves:

• 3 to 5 years of work experience and a deep understanding of Online Marketing.

• World-class on-line marketing data and business analytics expert.

• Experience analyzing very large, complex, multi-dimensional on-line marketing data.

• Keen business judgment with ability to think big picture and understand the key trends and levers that drive the business

• Ability to juggle multiple projects and priorities and re-prioritize as necessary in order to align with current business objectives.

• The ability to use contrarian marketing techniques in order to consider many different variables of “what-if-analysis”.

• A passion for problem-solving, flexibility, comfort with ambiguity, creativity, and hunger to constantly ask “why?”

• Results oriented self-starter, strong work ethic, thorough and focused.

• Highly communicative, strong social orientation skills; a well –honed ability to work with and through others.

• Excellent and demonstrated communication skills across all levels of the organization.

• Expert user of MS Office Excel application and CRM tools.

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Compensation:Competitive salary commensurate with experience

Individual & family medical insurance, dental insurance & vision care option

Who We Are:A team of interactive media professionals who are obsessed with optimization and conversions. We design promotions and products that turn online users into real-time buyers.

About Acquinity Interactive:AI was created by a group of individuals with a passion for online marketing and a belief that there’s a better way to do it. With a little savvy and a whole lot of passion, we’ve created a proprietary technology system that works, and we prove it to our very satisfied customers every day. How did we reach to that level of success? By finding creative, entrepreneurial , dedicated team-first individuals like you, who are just as passionate about getting it right – and willing to go the extra mile to make it happen. Plus we play as hard as we work, with regular team-building events, fun contests and a whole lot more!

Acquinity Interactive is an equal opportunity employer.

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