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Marketing and Design Manager

About EFL:

EFL (the Entrepreneurial Finance Lab) is a high growth, disruptive financial-services startup which has created a breakthrough technology to identify high-potential entrepreneurs.

Currently in use in developing countries across several continents, the EFL assessment allows banks, incubators and other financial institutions to measure risk and potential among

the un/under-banked. In short, EFL helps banks lend to entrepreneurs in the developing world.

EFL’s progress to date:

  • Private Sector – Multi-year contracts with several of the largest banks across Latin America and Africa.
  • Public Sector – International recognition and support from governments and DFIs, in particular the G-20 & IFC.
  • Social Enterprise – Collaboration with internationally-renowned organizations (Technoserve, Endeavor, etc.) as well as regional and in-country non-profits and NGOs.

About the position:

We are looking for an experienced marketing and design pro. Someone that can help us explain, launch, position, talk-about, and brand our company and our product. This is an extraordinary opportunity for someone that is interested in helping a new, socially-oriented company roll out our brand and our product to developing markets across the globe. We need extraordinary design and marketing talent to help us shape and communicate our brand. The position is based in Lima, Peru and will require being up for the challenge of relocating.


  • All branding and design aspects of EFL and the EFL product
    • Website redesign and optimization.
    • UX design of EFL App and EFL test taking device interface.
    • Overhaul of EFL aesthetics, including sales tools, documents, web, print, etc.
    • Visualization of the EFL product to assist with sales presentations.
    • Assist EFL sales team preparing tools for new business development.
  • All project communications, including:
    • Partner Communications. Work with EFL management, sales, and technical specialists to make pitch presentations, project proposals, and status reports for clients (banks/MFIs).
    • Public Communications. Media communications, promotion of EFL in traditional and social media, monitor research and industry discussions of entrepreneurship promotion & SME banking to identify opportunities for promoting EFL.
    • Web & Social Media. Manage and improve website, twitter feed, prepare quarterly newsletters.
    • Internal Communications. EFL internal blog, etc.
    • FOMIN communications & outreach documents, as described in project proposal.


  • Undergraduate degree in design, marketing, communications, business, or equivalent.
  • Four+ years relevant professional experience.
  • Excellent design skills, including demonstrable experience creating compelling visualizations and branding for high-tech products.
  • Excellent writing skills.
  • Excellent computer skills, including web, social media, and graphic design.
  • Experience with Adobe Creative Suite.
  • 100% complete fluency in English, both written and spoken. Must have either lived in English-speaking country or attended school in English.
  • Location: This position will require an adventurous individual who is willing to relocate to South America. Our corporate HQ is in Lima, Peru.


  • Competency in Spanish
  • Experience in Business-to-Business design, marketing, and communications.
  • Experience in the financial services industry.
  • Sharing EFL’s social mission
  • Ability to adapt and thrive in a fast-moving entrepreneurial environment

How to apply

Submit current resume and cover letter (1 page each) to with title "Marketing and Design Manager". In the cover letter, please briefly describe who you are, why you are interested in EFL, and what specific experiences and skills of yours are relevant for this position.

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