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Marketing Systems Administrator @ Atlassian, makers of JIRA & Confluence

Named one of the “2010 Best Small & Medium Companies to Work for in America,” Atlassian is a terrific place to work with great products, a fantastic reputation in the tech and business communities, a vibrant and unique culture, and terrific technical resources from which to draw.

We’re looking for an analytical and technical Marketing Systems Administrator to help us manage our email communications system. The ideal candidate possesses a solid spider sense for managing complex systems, a level webhead for creating data-driven campaigns, and a desire to fight evil spam. Of course, with great power comes great responsibility, and that’s where you come in. Email remains one of the best tools for communication: it’s measurable, direct, and still by far the best way to get customers the information they need to be successful.

The ideal Marketing Systems Administrator will be tasked with ensuring that our communications are timely and relevant. You’ll swing into action with our email team to help develop, program, track, analyze, and troubleshoot our systems and the communications program. Your goal is not only to assist with day-to-day email projects, but to help us build a data-driven email program for tomorrow.


  • Administer our email tool – currently ExactTarget
  • Troubleshoot any issues which arise regarding ExactTarget, contacting their support as needed
  • Become our go-to person for all things technical and ExactTarget related
  • Own the processes for getting data in and out of ExactTarget
  • Help define and implement database-driven email campaigns based on A/B testing
  • Develop SQL queries to segment customers database for global sends
  • Analyze and report on email communication relevance and effectiveness
  • Learn and use ExactTarget’s scripting language to create and drive personalized email content or behavior
  • Be a champion within Atlassian for email and our customers
  • Implement and improve “nurture” (or drip-feed) email campaigns
  • Manage and optimize email templates, content, segments, and email list assets
  • Assist with creating beautiful HTML email templates for global marketing campaigns
  • Ensure email success tracking dashboards are defined and kept updated


  • Experience in email administration, software development, or IT role, and 4-year bachelors degree
  • Background in SQL, HTML, XML
  • Some experience with basic scripting languages (shell, Perl, or Python)
  • Excellent written and communication skills
  • Great eye and attention to detail
  • Sense of humor
  • Previous experience with ExactTarget or other email service provider (ESP)


San Francisco

Love Going to Work?

Imagine working in a place where you get to do what you love every day. We are an eight-year young software development company revolutionising the way software is sold and used by businesses world-wide. With a range of innovative software products, we have over 27,000 customers globally including NASA, Sony, the Apache Foundation and the United Nations. We are building a different kind of software company, one that listens to client needs, values innovation and solves customer problems with brilliant simplicity.

We are not your typical company and proud of it! If you start your career with Australia’s fastest growing global software company, you can expect a fast paced and exciting work environment which stays true to our entrepreneurial roots. You won’t get frustrated with bureaucracy and slow decision making, and we encourage creative thinking. We want to know your opinion on everything we do!

Your Dream Job

With offices in Sydney, San Francisco, Amsterdam and Gdansk we offer global opportunities and the chance to work with like-minds from different cultures. Each day you come to work at Atlassian, you will be coming to work in an open plan office filled with lots of natural light. When you are not sitting in your comfy ergonomic Aeron chair, working on your large LCD monitors and the operating system of your choice, there will be plenty of decisions to make. Maybe you’d like to participate in a lunchtime card game? Would you rather play a Wii Sports game or be a guitar hero? If hunger strikes, head to the kitchen for drinks, fresh fruit, snacks and more. Your choice!

Check out a short video created by Atlassian staff on our values.

“The culture is so refreshing compared to my previous employment in large corporations. The openness of information, the willingness to use new technology (such as using wikis instead of Word documents), daily stand-up meetings to promote communication without the drudgery of long meetings, the honesty of the product offering—-they make me love coming to work each day.”

John Rotenstein, internal systems

“Working for Atlassian honestly makes me wonder why other companies can’t get it right . . . this is how work should be.”

Michael Seager, sales team member

How to apply

Apply online at our website!

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