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Jr. Web Developer (part time)

Harker is looking for a self-motivated web developer who can tackle a variety of projects at once with an outstanding ability to offer alternative solutions to straight forward problems. Are you that person who’s not afraid to troubleshoot PHP parse errors, discuss new methods of HTML5 implementation and sort out a few minor CSS display issues, all before a lunch? (Speaking of lunch, breakfast and lunch are provided, and it’s definitely not your typical school food). If so, then you’re ready to work with us!

The position of junior web developer will be responsible for working alongside a team of very talented, passionate colleagues and for the largest K-12 private school in the state. While routine site and application maintenance is part of the job, you will also be given projects that include creating small web apps for data integration, WordPress plugin development and full scale web site rebuilds. The junior web developer will work for the director of communication, alongside the website manager and closely with the information systems, network administration and instructional technology departments.

The position will primarily be to serve all of the constituents of the school (parents, students, faculty, alumni, staff), however some projects will also involve building applications that are public facing, so strong communication skills are needed. The ideal candidate will have solid knowledge of HTML and CSS while developing with PHP and javascript (HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery primarily). Tasks require strong attention to detail, and a good ability to understand a large quantity of use cases. A sense of humor never hurts.


• Write standards compliant HTML5 and CSS3

• Utilize the latest trends and standards to build/design pages, sites and web applications that are easy to use and maintain.

• Utilize PHP to build WordPress plugins and themes

• Utilize jQuery to progressively enhance the user experience on web pages.

• Identify development problems and/or offer alternate solutions within a team setting

• Go through the lifecycle of a website, from the initial stages to launch/maintenance

• Ask for peer review of code and/or design and work on tight deadlines

• Openly communicate regular status changes during product builds and launches

• Gathering, producing, proofing and publishing web content through our marketing channels (emails, web) on a daily basis

• Ability to use, collect and analyze data provided by Google Analytics

Other Duties and Responsibilities

• Possess excellent written and verbal communication skills.

• Work well under pressure in a deadline-sensitive, multi-task environment.

• Possess the time-management and organizational skills necessary to meet deadlines, manage own workflow, and maintain an orderly workspace.

• Possess and strong work ethic, and exercise discretion and prudent judgment in the handling of confidential or sensitive information.

• Contribute to a productive, supportive, positive and dynamic work environment in the department.

• Be professional in dress and demeanor to best represent the school.

Knowledge and Skills:

• Have at least two years of experience working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a server-side language such as PHP, Python or Ruby.

• Excellent spelling and grammar, keen attention to detail, highly organized.

• Experience in social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

• Experience in content management systems

• Photoshop CS4+, Illustrator CS4+, Fireworks CS4+, Dreamweaver CS4+

• Willingness to learn new things

PLUS: Bachelor’s degree or 1-4 years of relevant education

PLUS: Familiarity with database (SQL) integration and secure application building

PLUS: CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) experience and plugin development

PLUS: Rails experience/or willingness to learn

• Please provide a portfolio of previous Web work with a description of what parts of the process you were involved with

How to apply

How to Apply: Please submit a cover letter and resume as an attached Word or PDF document to . Please reference HH09-W in the subject line.

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