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Java Developer @ Atlassian, makers of JIRA and Confluence

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Atlassian was named one of the “2010 Best Small & Medium Companies to Work for in America,” and is a terrific place to work. Great products and a fantastic reputation in business and tech have brought in over 26,000 enterprise customers globally, including NASA, Sony, and the United Nations. With offices in Sydney, San Francisco and Amsterdam we are growing fast and full of opportunities.

We are building a different kind of software company: one that listens to client needs, values innovation and solves customer problems with brilliant simplicity. If you start your career with Atlassian, you’ll have a direct impact on millions of users, fast! You won’t get frustrated with bureaucracy or slow decision making, because we encourage innovative thinking. We don’t just want to know your opinions, we want to see your ideas in action. We hire great people and then trust them to be great.

What we’re looking for

Atlassian isn’t an average company and we aren’t looking for an average developer here. We want someone with the breadth to learn and work with a wide array of technology stacks and the depth to solve hard problems. Come knock our socks off.

As a Java Developer at Atlassian, you will be working in a small team with talented UI developers and designers, with product managers who have a good feeling for what customers want, and with performance engineers and quality analysts who give your creations a good beating before they are released to thousands of customers worldwide. You will be involved in all the technical discussions, drive new innovative ideas of designing software systems, and make calls on what is feasible and what is not.

We require everyone to be well-rounded and continuously learn new things. One of the many things you could do is for example to pick up good CSS/HTML and JQuery skills. But this role also allows you to deep-dive into hard backend-issues frequently. So when gnarly performance problems and architectural challenges are looming, you’ll be the one who delivers the solution! We expect you to have a strong entrepreneurial spirit to kickstart your own product ideas too, for example during our famous 20% time .

Love Going to Work?

We live our values and we value our people. You will work in an open-plan office filled with lots of natural light and a customized, ergonomic work station. Our culture is vibrant and unique; our office is open, collaborative and playful. Maybe you’d like to participate in a lunchtime basketball game? Or would you rather head out for some rock climbing? If hunger strikes, head to the kitchen for drinks, fresh fruit, snacks and more. We know that people work harder when they play hard too, so it’s your choice how you’ll make Atlassian a great place for you to work.

We offer excellent health benefits for employees and dependents, ample time off, 401(k), life insurance, huge referral bonuses, friendly coworkers, and a clear vision driven by pure intentions. Check out a short video created by Atlassian staff on our values.

“Working for Atlassian honestly makes me wonder why other companies can’t get it right . . . this is how work should be.” Michael Seager, sales team member

What you’ll do

  • Develop awesome new features front to back
  • Love thy customer: attend customer calls and visits, read their JIRA issues and feedback
  • Engage with other developers, front-end designers, and product managers
  • Liaise with the technical leads and architects to promote great software design and quality
  • Drive innovation by coming up with new and surprising ideas for our products and processes
  • Point out issues with the existing architecture and code, and clean it up

Required skills

  • Excellent understanding of J2SE
  • Deep architectural understanding of Java web applications and application servers
  • Good knowledge in some back end technologies like Spring, Hibernate, Lucene, SQL or others
  • Superior creative and innovative problem-solving skills
  • Initiative and the ability to work independently and in a team

Preferred skills

  • Knowledge in some of the standard front-end technologies like modern HTML, CSS, JavaScript (we use JQuery), REST, JSON
  • Knowledge of Open Source libraries, tools and frameworks, e.g. for logging, wiring, testing, building. The more the merrier!
  • Excitement for the latest trends in application design
  • Experience with agile software development methodologies like XP or Scrum
  • Interest to learn more about new languages and frameworks

Track Record

  • You have a stellar project you can point us to and highlight your personal contribution
  • You’ve handled a full time software development workload for at least three years

How to apply

Apply online at our website!

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