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Interactive Designer


We build products, design experiences, and engineer processes that solve today’s unique business challenges. We help our clients realize ideas and deliver solid results with a proven track record. As a full-stack agency, we represent the client from strategy through to design and development execution. Post+Beam is an innovation + communication firm.


You’re a talented designer with a passion for both web and mobile interfaces. You’re extremely passionate about designing and using web apps, websites, and mobile apps. You’re always exploring the latest and greatest. You keep a portfolio or blog of new design patterns and interesting UI treatments, which you usually explore in your next project. You abide by Steve Krug’s philosophy of minimizing thinking in interfaces, thus creating simple solutions to complex questions. As a designer, you love to discuss and critically dissect your work and the work of your peers because you believe the best designer is one that improves with feedback. Above all, you can describe your work as efficient, inspired, and beautiful.

Each day you’ll work with both the User Experience and Engineering teams to create beautiful interfaces that reach users around the world. A large part of your job will be to conceptualize and design original ideas that bring simplicity and ease of use to complex design issues.


  • Translate requirements into concepts and elegant user experience design
  • Create interaction models, user task flows, screen designs, and UI details that promote
  • ease of use and optimize the user experience
  • Collaborate with other designers as needed, and work independently to see a project through
  • Partner with Design Research to inform and improve interfaces and workflows
  • Visualize complex sets of data in ways that are easy to comprehend
  • Work with Engineering to guide final implementation of design concepts
  • Location

    Our offices are in South Park in San Francisco. You will be thrown into the mix of innovative startups all around SoMa and in neighboring areas. Our office is steps away from great restaurants and a few blocks from the home of the World Series Champs.


  • Experience developing consumer and/or commercial web application interfaces
  • Proven track record and a passion for designing compelling user experiences
  • Solid intuition of best practices and tools used in user-centered interaction design
  • Strong visual design skills, including an eye for good typography, composition, and use of color
  • Fluid ability to design in Photoshop, OmniGraffle, and Illustrator
  • Experience in creating various prototype methods and knowledge of best practices
  • Ability to multitask, prioritize projects, and communicate progress and expected milestones
  • Bonus Points

  • Participation with the larger professional design community
  • Experience with front-end web techonlogies (HTML, CSS, JS) and an understanding of how they play into interaction design
  • We pay special attention to those that are looking to create new experiences, not just re-purpose the old. Special consideration will be given to those that show entrepreneurial spirit, are looking to mold the organization, and help create a better agile development environment
  • Communication

    Candidates should have solid communication skills and the ability to both provide competitive and well-informed arguments, but at the same time be able to listen to strategic business, design and user needs.

    Salary and Compensation

    Based on experience, talent and ability to innovate and communicate. Strong bonus tied to timely deliverables and happy clients.

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