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Interactive Designer

Why this job is Awesome: You will combine your UI design skills with email design skills to help create online products and interfaces.

TripAdvisor is hiring an Interactive Designer, Email. We are looking for an exceptionally talented UI/Visual Designer with extensive experience in email marketing. Working closely with business managers, you will design engaging member email communications that will reach millions of travelers worldwide. Reporting to the Creative Director, you will be responsible for designing and coding an enticing and relevant email communication stream – balancing company business goals with the needs of our worldwide user-base.

As part of our multi-disciplined development team, your design work will play a vital role, engaging our members and enabling an easier way to plan trips and share travel experiences.

Please send resumes to Jennifer Ramcharan at

What You’ll Do:

• Conceptualize, create, and implement intuitive, engaging, and brand-consistent email communications and promos for and our global websites around the world, taking into consideration cultural differences and language translations.

• Participate and collaborate in concept development and design ideation with business managers, and the email team to help define an email creative strategy.

• Communicate and sell your design solutions to senior management and teammates, including engineers, product managers, partners, etc.

What We Seek:

• Good natured, flexible, leave-your-ego-at-the-door approach to web design.

• 3-5 years experience creating successful and engaging online marketing communications, both designing and coding, including email design.

• Ability to juggle multiple projects, good time management skills and a positive attitude.

• Rock-solid skills in graphic design, with an eye for typography, palette development, intuitive layout, and a pixel-level attention to detail. You must be able to adapt your style to fit brand guidelines, and know where and when to break them.

• Knowledge of HTML & CSS.

• Experience with international audiences a plus.

• Proficient to expert in: Photoshop and Illustrator.

• Bachelor’s degree required in design-related discipline: Interaction, Graphic or Interface design.

MUST have online portfolio with multiple examples of interactive design.

In addition, the ideal candidate will demonstrate the following competencies:

• Flexible and open to change and new information; adapts behavior and work methods accordingly.

• Grasps the essence of new information; recognizes own strengths and weaknesses; pursues self-development; seeks feedback.

• Exhibits integrity though fair and ethical behavior toward others and a demonstrated sense of corporate responsibility and commitment.

• Treats colleagues and partners with respect: considers and responds appropriately to the needs, feelings, and capabilities of different people

• Can be relied upon to ensure that projects within areas of specific responsibility are completed in an appropriate and timely manner and acknowledges mistakes, learns from those events and is able to move forward productively.

• Identifies and analyzes problems; distinguishes between relevant and irrelevant information.

• Ability to balance time to market with a solution and make the right trade-offs along the way.

• Strong analytical skills: understands and utilizes metrics relevant to role.

• Clear communication through expression of facts and ideas in a clear, convincing and organized manner.

• Good business judgment when making decisions and always considers the relevance/impact of each decision on the business.

TripAdvisor is an Equal Opportunity Employer

How to apply

Please send resumes to Jennifer Ramcharan at .

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