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Instructor - Interactive/User Experience

Vancouver Film School programs focus on industries that use moving images, graphics, sound and text as fundamental components for communication, information and story.

VFS programs regularly and continually evolve in response to the current industry methodology, technology and need. VFS offers world recognized, full-time, one-year programs in Film Production, 3D Animation & Visual Effects, Classical Animation, Digital Character Animation, Sound Design, Writing, Acting, Makeup Design, Digital Design, Game Design, Foundation Visual Art & Design, and Programming for Games, Web & Mobile. These one-year programs are intensive, focused on the field of study and immerse students in industry-like settings and situations in order to best prepare them for work in their chosen field.

VFS is currently accepting either full-time or part-time applications for the position of Interactive/User Experience Instructor in the Digital Design program.

Job Scope

Reporting to the Head of Digital Design and working in conjunction with the Educational Administration Department, the Instructor is responsible for curriculum delivery within the department as well as providing advanced level instruction in their assigned department. The Instructor is also responsible for evaluating and updating the department’s curriculum in conjunction with the requirements of the Educational Administration Department.

The Instructor Maintains Familiarity With

  • Current developments in technology, including software and hardware relating to his/her specific discipline.
  • Current educational methods and trends, general knowledge of similar programs relating to his/her specific discipline.
  • Current industry practices, trends and production processes relating to his/her specific discipline.
  • The local industry at large including its organization, unions, guilds and key industry people.
  • Program content and delivery within other VFS programs.

Core Responsibilities

  • Identify areas where curriculum requires development based on student requirements and industry needs.
  • Implement curriculum changes that conform to the VFS model of education and which reflect current industry practices.
  • Document existing and newly developed curriculum, ensuring one-sheet and Course Outlines are accurate prior to every term and filed for access on VFS server.
  • Ensure that curriculum is delivered in an effective manner and within program budgets.
  • Work collaboratively with other Instructors to ensure curriculum goals and delivery are consistent within the program.
  • Maintain a professional relationship with currently enrolled students.
  • Monitor students’ performance and provide assistance and mentoring when required.
  • Ensure that production based activities are relevant to the curriculum and the industry.
  • Evaluate curriculum delivery through the setting and implementation of objective based student performance standards.
  • Ensure that all relevant performance and behavior related discussion between faculty and student is documented and forwarded to VFS Administration.
  • Proactively report to the Head of Department any student concerns, issues or disputes.

Skills, Experience, and Education

  • Post-secondary certificate, diploma, degree – or equivalent – and or three years of industry experience or software certification where applicable.
  • Portfolio demonstrating a high caliber of professional work.
  • Ability to lead workshops, lectures, and seminars.
  • Must have experience with developing user flows, mental models, and system design.
  • Experience or knowledge with emerging technologies, including wearable technology, is an asset.
  • Knowledge of how interactive programming languages can inform design (i.e., HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Javascript, iQuery) and product development for various platforms (e.g., iPhone, iPad, Android, etc)
  • Advanced knowledge of interactive tools including, Photoshop, Illustrator, Visio, Omnigraffe,
  • Advanced knowledge of prototyping platforms such as Axure, or other open source frameworks
  • A creative process that supports experimentation, exploration, and refinement
  • Advanced knowledge of interface design principles
  • Knowledge of communication design, conceptualization, and theoretical approaches.
  • Experience in version tracking or project management tools is an asset – Perforce, Basecamp.
  • Excellent communication, organizational, time management, and interpersonal skills.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills.

How to apply

If you meet the profile above and would like to be part of our growing organization, we invite you to apply for this position through the online application on the following link:
 Please note that your resume and cover letter must be uploaded in either PDF or Word format. Email applications will not be accepted. We thank all applicants for their interest. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted. To learn more about our company, visit our website at

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