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Full Stack Developer

Squla – Full Stack Developer

Full-time in Amsterdam

Does the idea of making the world a better place appeal to you?

More specifically, do you find it fascinating and fun to build a web platform for educational games where hundreds of thousands of children, parents and teachers will interact? In different countries, with different content, and in different languages!

Still reading? Good, let’s dive into more details.

Your role

In this role you will get the opportunity to work within a team of great developers who build the Squla platform. This platform includes educational missions and quizzes for our students, features for teachers and parents who can follow the progress of the students and send motivational messages, and a shop for parents.

Your typical day at work will involve:

• building end-to-end features that contribute to both the growth of the Squla brand internationally, and the engagement of our target groups;

• testing your features and being fully responsible for them when they go live;

• working across the different projects we have, in Python, Html5, WordPress (PHP), Java;

• planning and estimating your work;

• trouble-shooting live issues that could be functional bugs or performance bottlenecks.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a person who has non-trivial experience in a variety of programming languages,

both dynamic and statically typed. One who:

• understands and appreciates the differences between different programming languages and is flexible to work in the languages we use here (Python, PHP, Java, and JavaScript to name the major ones);

• is able to get things done and who has a ‘can do’ positive attitude;

• has a pragmatic approach to problem solving;

• is a team player, able to communicate across different functional teams, and not just with their technical colleagues;

• loves to take ownership and responsibility to put their features live independently;

• understands e-commerce requirements and is able to formulate optimal solutions for the growth and international expansion of the Squla brand.

Your background

• Bachelors’ or Masters’ degree in computer science or a related field;

• 2+ years’ experience in software development;

• Exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills;

• Thorough knowledge of computer science fundamentals (algorithms and data structures);

• Good foundation in relational database concepts and practices;

• Ability to write good quality code which is clean and maintainable, following standards and guidelines;

• Good understanding of separation of concerns, MVC pattern of development;

• Experience writing automated tests for your code;

Optional nice to have’s:

• Amazon Web Services experience – at least a knowledge of what services are available for what purposes, and how to access them;

• Experience with HTML5 games.

How do we work?

In a team of 9 developers, working closely with product owners and business owners, using agile scrum methodology with 2-week sprints.

Why you want to work with us

The Squla office is located in a beautiful office on Weesperplein in central Amsterdam. We work hard, play hard and we have a lot of fun and foster an informal yet professional atmosphere.

The Squla crew is a dynamic team that is enthusiastic about creating a fun, new way of learning in this ever-evolving digital age. We believe that a positive and energetic, yet relaxed, work environment not only encourages great teamwork, but is key to motivating our team to produce high quality products. We provide our team members with the resources they need to make sure they can do their jobs properly and get the results we aim for. Although our team is diverse and everyone brings their own interests and uniqueness to the table, every single person is excited about the work Squla is doing.

We take our work seriously, but we also like to have fun! Every day, we have a team lunch, creating an opportunity for the entire crew to relax and catch up with their co-workers. And of course, everyone is keen for a quick round of table tennis in the middle of the office after lunch.

You can apply for this position by clicking here!

This position is open only if you are eligible to work in the Netherlands.

Agency calls are not appreciated.

Keywords: Vacancy, Fulltime, Parttime, Amsterdam, Developer, Python.

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