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Frontend designer for SaaS server monitoring service

We’re looking for a salaried full time frontend designer with experience with the obvious stuff – creating original designs and interfaces then building them in JS (particularly jQuery), CSS and HTML. You will be joining an existing team of 7 to work on our server monitoring service, Server Density –

This will initially be a remote work position but we are in the process of acquiring an office in London, UK, where you will eventually be asked to work from. Our team is currently spread across the UK, USA, Canada and The Netherlands and we collaborate using Hipchat, Skype, FogBugz, Pivotal Tracker and Basecamp.

What will you be working on?

  • - Core feature development – we have a long roadmap and you will get to lead development on major new functionality.
  • - Customer development – you’ll get to see how our customers use the product on a daily basis so you can help fix bugs and improve existing functionality based on real feedback. Why have a stock reply we send to hundreds of customers experiencing the same problem when a quick code fix can solve it once and for all?
  • - Writing for a large audience – our blog at is extremely popular as we write about common problems and interesting developments we’re experiencing. Tell people about the cool fix you made and why it worked so well.
  • - You will collaborate with our existing engineering, operations and design teams.

Skills & Requirements

  • - You will be required to create original designs for graphics, icons, web and mobile interfaces and then translate those into working code. We don’t separate design and frontend coding.
  • - You must be fluent in English.
  • - Experience with PHP and Python is a bonus. As is CoffeeScript and Sass.

About us

  • - We have a 25 server MongoDB cluster which processes billions of documents every month (7TB in July 2011). We have a very close relationship with the MongoDB developers with many features influenced by our usage.
  • - All our development is done in-house and we have extensive experience with every technology we use – no waiting for external contractors or unknown areas of our code.
  • - We use various technologies depending on the job – PHP for the web UI, Objective C for our native iPhone app, Java for our native Android app, Python for our *nix server agent and our backend processing, Bamboo for automated builds and testing and C# for our Windows agent.
  • - We’re design led – everything starts with how the UI looks and works to maintain our reputation for beautiful and functional interfaces.
  • - We have a large private cloud deployment across 2 data centres at Terremark. This couples the flexibility of being able to launch new servers in seconds with the performance of fibre SANs, hardware load balancers and firewalls. All that from a provider that has customers such as VeriSign, Microsoft and super secret US Federal Government agencies.
  • - Our agent source code is released under the FreeBSD open source license – we wouldn’t want to install stuff on our servers where we didn’t have access to the source code (even if most people will never check it).
  • - Our customers range from individuals and small businesses all the way up to academic organisations such as the University of Oxford, corporations like Intel and web hosting companies like
  • - You should mention the phrase “Porcupine Tree” in your e-mail to prove you have read the whole job description.
  • - We’re backed by a number of leading investors with connections all around the world – Europe, the US and Japan.
  • - You get to pick your working hours – so long as the job is done. We work together to define reasonable deadlines and ensure everyone is available when necessary (e.g. big launches or planning discussions).
  • - Everyone gets unlimited holiday and you will be paid a bonus on top of your salary if you take at least 25 working days off per year. This is not a typo.
  • - For 1 week every 2 months everyone gets to work on anything they want that may be outside the normal roadmap and so would not normally have time to do. We call this random week. Past projects have included open sourcing libraries, building automated testing systems and drawing new designs for our mascot.

How to apply

E-mail the following details to - Links to projects you have worked on with code samples - Your GitHub profile - Your Twitter profile - A brief comparison of Server Density vs 2 of our competitors (you need to research who they are). - The last country you visited and why it was awesome (assuming it was). Missing any of the above will result in automatic rejection.

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