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Frontend Developer

Sparkart is a digital agency with HQ in Oakland, California. Since 1999 we’ve steadily grown to become a leader in the world of music and sports. The current client roster includes America’s Cup, Bon Jovi, Keith Urban, Lil Wayne, Microsoft, Slipknot, The Killers, Ultimate Fighting Championship, and Ultra Music. Recently we were instrumental in getting Redbox into the ticketing business.

We’re looking for developers to join our amazing team of entrepreneurs, engineers, creatives, and strategists all working together to seize the opportunities presented to us by millions of users.

On any given day you might…

  • Don some headphones in our Oakland office and start the morning with Blue Bottle coffee roasted blocks away. Or develop your technique for rolling out of bed and working from home. Find new things to do on a Trello board or Basecamp project.
  • Do a daily standup in person or in Campfire.
  • Build client projects using our own node.js/Ruby/Go-based platform called Storyteller. This typically involves integrating server and clientside APIs, presenting data with Handlebars templates, styling it with Sass, and writing modular JavaScript to progressively enhance pages with awesomeness.
  • Evaluate new platforms, plugins, and other technologies.
  • Contribute to and maintain internal libraries and frameworks that document our learnings and help us iteratively build better and faster. Help others do the same by pitching in on open source projects we love and start some of our own.
  • Have lunch at one of the Bay Area’s finest restaurants and cafes around our Uptown office. Every Friday they come to you, gratis.
  • Provide and receive code review from the team, usually through GitHub pull requests. Get rewarded for your efforts with emoji.
  • Optimize a site’s performance by 50% because you can and want to.
  • Optimize conversions by launching some experiments. Run A/B tests, do funnel/data analysis with Mixpanel, or even chat with users.
  • Investigate issues and help save our users from ourselves.
  • Commit often, ship early, and play some Tekken. Or go climb a 150 ft. high wall in an old power building.


  • Have at least a few years of experience as a maker of all things HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Bonus points for Ruby and/or node.js. Move to the top of the list with Objective C or graphics technologies such as SVG and Canvas.
  • Have experience with platforms such as Shopify and WordPress.
  • Know all too well the joys and pains of working with common APIs such as those from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, Tumblr, Twitter, and SoundCloud.
  • Have or would love to build web services of your own.
  • Wouldn’t write with anything other than Markdown.
  • Regularly star new GitHub repos and keep an eye on RubyGems and npm.
  • Are ready to tell your friends awesome stories like that night where you went backstage at The Killers show and met Steve Wozniak.

How to apply

Send us an email at , and include the following: GitHub profile. URLs, we especially like those pointing to a site of your own. A bit about yourself.

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