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Front-end Web Developer

Is there really a formula for happiness? We think so: Happiness = Datatel

Creating solutions for Higher Education is our business and we do it well. The key reason why our company is successful is our employees. We learned a long time ago that happy employees are the most productive. Simply put, we are passionate about our employees and their success.

So, what makes you happy? Are you creative with a passion for innovation? Do you want to be part of a team that cares about you? Our expectations are high, and we work hard – and we have a lot of fun in the process. It doesn’t hurt that we have amazing benefits too! We offer 3 weeks of vacation, free coffee and sodas, free tickets to events all over the area and medical benefits that start on your first day – and that’s just the beginning.

We are actively recruiting for a creative front-end web developer to assist with the design and development of state-of-the-art web applications. This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to the design of new applications using some of the latest core technologies such as Microsoft SharePoint and the Microsoft .NET framework. Development projects will include a variety of end-user applications, including portal projects and a large ERP system that is used by our clients to support their core business.

You will add value by:

Providing all necessary front-end web developer services for software development project teams. These services include the following:

• Work with several phases of the software development life-cycle and will be responsible for front-end application appearance and functionality: implementing designs, writing code, testing, write documentation, maintenance, and some user support.

• Demonstrate an understanding of business and technical requirements for each assigned project.

• Must work well with other members of the technology team and have good interpersonal communication skills and the ability to work independently with minimal supervision.

• Have the ability to communicate clearly and timely to users and other team members both verbally and in writing.

• The individual should be proficient with application software testing (unit, integration, and application level) and have familiarity with QA Test Plans and QA Methodologies.

• Must have the ability to work in a fast paced / dynamic team environment and possess time management skills to meet schedules.

• Design web-based user interfaces utilizing division based CSS styling and XHTML template design for use within Datatel products.

• Demonstrate User Centered Design (UCD) Techniques and implementing Datatel branding strategy.

• Utilize company specific project management tools, and Content Management Software to work on projects efficiently and effectively within a team.

• Create basic HTML templates and creating styles in a style sheet to make the code match design comps.

• Provide input for product documentation and collecting screenshots and updates.

• Assist in usability and software testing.

• Identify basic development planning and goals.

• Collaborate with Business Analysts, Architects, Developers and fellow Designers to determine the optimum user interface design, workflow, and functionality of software products.


• A minimum of 2 -3 years of experience in web application design, development and user interface design.

• Must possess knowledge of, and practical experience with ASP.Net, .NET Framework, HTML, Webforms, Web User Controls, JavaScript, CSS, XML/XSL, AJAX, Jquery.

• Adopt 3-tier architecture for the system design, which includes presentation layer, data access layer, and business layer.

• Bachelor’s degree required preferably in Computer Science or related area.

• Ability to troubleshoot and debug own code.

• Design and create web user controls to attain uniform look and feel for the application front-end

• Experience working with SharePoint, Microsoft Expression Suite, Visual Studio, Ektron, Silverlight a plus.

• Must be proficient in user interface design principles, conceptual design, and information architecture.

• Proven ability designing web applications with successful customer adoption and market traction.

Please provide examples of current web development projects. This position is based in Fairfax, VA and reports to the Software Development Manager. Relocation assistance will not be considered and remote status is not available.



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