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Front-end Developer

Job description

Your job is to make our service work and look as simple as possible. This sounds easy, but it’s a lot more difficult in practice. We don’t want our users to think for even one second about what they should do at any given time, and to support that vision, you need to be able to use the latest and newest web technologies you can find out there to reach that goal. Usually you’ll be implementing technologies you haven’t used or even seen before because it’s so new. You need to be the type of guy (or girl) who is able to set the highest standard for yourself and if you’re the one who can’t sleep at night because you just got a great idea that you can’t wait to work on then we’re looking for you!

What you’ll do as a front-end JS developer:

- Using advanced JS frameworks to create stunning and user friendly interfaces.

- Using the latest CSS/HTML5 tricks to present information as simple yet powerful as possible.

- Using PHP templates to create simple controllers and templates to connect the backend with the frontend.

- Stay up to date on the latest stuff: CSS mediaqueries, touch events and everything else that helps being able to serve our website on multiple platforms and media.


- Minimum: experience in PHP, OOP, MVC, Design Patterns, Javascript, CSS

- Bonus: JQuery, Mustache, Kohana, Messaging Systems (RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ, Memcache, MySQL, NoSQL, SASS or LESS)

- Able to get stuff done (3+ years experience)

- Not looking for a stable 9-to-5 job, this is a startup

- Worked on great stuff in the past (or create something new with our API).

- Need to be able to voice your opinion and be highly critical of us (and yourself)

PS: We won’t look at your college degrees that much. You’ll have to impress us with something better than that.


We will offer you a market value salary along with stock options, free lunch & dinner, flexible working hours and other benefits. As an early employee, you’ll also be considered for senior positions during the growth of our company.

About us is the easiest way to sell physical and digital items online. Sellers from all over the world are able to put their item up for sale within 60 seconds, notify their friends on social networks and receive payments immediately through PayPal. We also build other cool stuff like Marketplaces and an API. We’re growing at a fast rate, but our guts say that our service will explode by the end of this year.

ReadWriteWeb, TechCrunch and Mashable all had nice things to say about us, but you can only experience it yourself what our service is like.

Our technology stack

- Kohana PHP5 HMVC Framework (similar to Zend Framework, CodeIgniter)

- MongoDB (similar to CouchDB)

- Github versioning system

- Amazon Webservices, like EC2, S3, CloudFront

- MooTools JS Framework (similar to jQuery, Prototype)

- Lots of APIs and webservices (Indextank, Sendgrid, Mashape, Facebook, Twitter etc.)

How to apply

You think you’re up for the job and ready to be a part of our team? Send a mail with your resume and portfolio to and we’ll set up an appointment.

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