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Front-End Web Designer

Job Description

As a Front-end Web Designer (“Designer”) at Valitics, you will play a critical part in designing and developing top-notch websites that accomplish the goals of our diverse set of clients. The Designer is responsible for creating high quality designs, assets and coding.

From a day-to-day perspective, you will be the primary producer of design and development deliverables on client projects. You can expect to collaborate heavily with the rest of the Valitics team to plan, design, code, test and launch new websites for our clients, as well as making enhancements for existing clients’ websites and online marketing campaigns.

Good communication skills, teamwork and a good attitude are essential. A minimum of 5 years of relevant work experience (either as a freelancer servicing clients or as a designer/developer within a company/agency servicing clients) is also a must.

More than anything, we will be looking for a portfolio of work as demonstrable evidence that you can perform the duties and essential job functions for this position.

Essential Skills and Experience

  • Minimum of 5 years of relevant work experience (either as a freelancer servicing clients or as a designer/developer within a company/agency servicing clients)
  • A proven record of creating results-driven websites that balance business requirements with an attractive design and positive user experience
  • Intermediate/expert knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite of tools, with emphasis on Fireworks and Dreamweaver
  • Self-motivated, with the ability to execute and drive all aspects of projects and deadlines effectively with little need for direction after initial project planning
  • Excellent communication (verbal and written) with peers and clients
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Sincere desire to provide the high levels of quality in all of your work

Duties and Essential Job Functions

  1. Design (Graphic, Print, and Web)
  • Create designs that exceed client expectations, accomplish client goals and conform to pre-defined planning outline
  • Development
    • Create high quality HTML/CSS/JavaScript code that matches client-approved designs
    • Style all features that are identified in the planning outline
    • Code must be compatible with all Valitics-defined browsers
  • Content
    • Add client-provided content into the website, with a focus on ease of maintenance and scalability
  • Client Communication
    • Communicate with clients on projects as needed
  • Teamwork
    • Work closely with other teams to provide consistently excellent products and services
    • Meet regularly with other teams and account managers as necessary to discuss problems, solutions and timelines

    The Details

    • Company lunches, movies, and epic video game battles are part of our workdays
    • Informal, fun and highly collaborative work environment
    • Pet friendly work environment
    • A great creative atmosphere in a cool, historic brick building in the heart of downtown Boise, Idaho – you will have your own office, with a big window
    • Liberal holidays schedule
    • $50,000 / year salary

    How to apply

    If interested, please email us your resume and some links to sites you have designed/built to . We are looking for someone to start ASAP. Thanks for looking.

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