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Front End Specialist

Brands and Retailers are sick, seriously, it’s bad out there…they need a prescription, and the only prescription available is Koupon Media.

How sick you ask? Well, they are sick of the fraud that comes along with their current coupons, they are sick of having to deal with their IT department just to get out a single coupon, they are sick of customers only coming to their stores for promotions, they are sick of coupons eating in to their margins, they are sick of consumers not engaging with their brand past the point of purchase…I think you get the point.

We started this company to focus on realizing one vision: to reinvent the coupon. Our prescription for brands and retailers is through our patented technology that gives all of our clients the ability to set up mobile coupons in under 1 minute (without the IT headache), track user engagement, and then provide them trackable analytics regarding that coupon. Our platform is a highly customizable way for brands and retailers to develop a mobile strategy today without having to wait 2-3 years!

We are a highly skilled team that has a combined retail and mobile experience that spans close to 3 decades. We are looking for you to come in with fresh ideas, and move pixels around like they owe you something!

You can read the description below or you can just email with projects that you have worked on in the past and/or source code that you have written and realize that we will ask you a few software design questions to make sure you didn’t just do like Diggie and Copy-Paste, Copy-Copy-Copy-Paste!

Job Duties:

  • Collaborate with our talented Design team (they create PSD’s…you create HTML/CSS/JS) to add project features and functionality with speed and quality
  • Champion the web development process, leading UI teams, scoping out new interface prototypes, and providing the essential web development input that ensures online projects are the best they can be.
  • Modify and maintain existing website as WebDev requests come in from various parts of the company
  • Squash cross-browser issues, including IE7/8/9, IE 8/9 Compatibility View, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox
  • ‘Own’ the global header and footer functionality and pixel-perfection across all browsers
  • Write elegant, maintainable, and organized HTML5/CSS/jQuery
  • Keep an eye on the Page Speed score for all pages, and submit code changes if the score is not up to par
  • Work closely with QA to make sure your code passes tests
  • Participate in scrums
  • Setting the standards for the development and UI teams to follow, you will occupy the role of Web Development Lead responsible for all appropriate web standards and technologies that are implemented


To qualify you should be a tech savvy Web Developer capable of demonstrating the following:

  • You live and breathe semantic (X)HTML and CSS 2/3 with expertise
  • Extensive experience developing user interfaces for enterprise applications with hand-coded HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • You can fix browser issues like nobody’s business
  • Your jQuery code is beautiful and makes websites beautiful
  • You care about code efficiency and page load time, and know techniques to up page load time (read: Page Speed and minification)
  • You can dig into back-end code to implement HTML/CSS/jQuery changes
  • You have excellent communication skills
  • Strong knowledge of browser compatibility and web standards
  • Strong creative skills
  • A BA in CS or related preferred
  • A passion for digital and emerging web technology trends.

Helpful Skills to have:

  • Familiarity with ASP.NET, C#, Model View Controller (MVC) concepts, Mercurial
  • Familiarity with Ajax,json

How to apply

Email to apply.

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