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Front End Developer

Note: FX Digital are one of the businesses on our site

We are looking for a Front End Developer to join our growing team based in Shoreditch.

The perfect candidate will be an excited individual that loves to learn whilst embracing and encouraging constant change! The role would be suitable for a recent graduate or a web savvy individual that can demonstrate their passion for the role through a nice portfolio.

At FX we work on a lot of crazy stuff, and we need a developer to join the team that has an understanding of various web dev languages including HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but also an insatiable passion to learn and an ability to pick up the numerous libraries and frameworks that are regularly being released by the larger development community.

Change is constant at FX, so we are looking for an individual that can learn independently whilst embracing and encouraging constant change. You won’t be alone in this though, every member of the team here is mad and incredibly passionate, and sharing the latest technology around the office and playing with APIs and new software is something we constantly encourage (recent endeavours include research and development of WebGL, Web VR and Artificial Intelligence).

As well as being independant and quick learners, Front End Developers at FX have an absolute desire to get involved with the rest of the team and the larger development community (including attending web events such as WordCamps and Meetups).

Why work with us…

We’re an incredibly social team, and as well as having regular team events you’ll also have the opportunity to attend a number of industry events including Industry Conferences, WordCamps and Meetups.

Internal projects are actively encouraged, and we ask for you to explore and develop creative ideas that you want to pursue.

After 3 months as part of the team each member of FX is provided with a cineworld card, giving unlimited access to the cinema to watch as many films as you can cram in!

You’ll have the opportunity to make your mark on what is a fast growing and exciting agency.

Just outside the office, there is a food stall that sells the most incredible chicken wings.

Your typical day would involve…

Developing some pretty visually stunning websites

Researching technologies that could help with upcoming projects, such as JavaScript libraries and API docs

Presenting your research and learnings to the rest of the team

Working on internal projects showcasing the latest technology

You are good at…

Writing clean semantic HTML5.

Writing well organised CSS.

Writing JavaScript, and using the jQuery library.

Picking up new tech, including JavaScript libraries and applying them to project work.

Creating WordPress sites, and developing themes and plugins.

Using photoshop in a development sense (referencing mockups and grabbing imagery for development).

Using version control systems, specifically a Git and SourceTree setup.

Explaining complex solutions to clients and less technical members of the team.

Having fun and not taking yourself too seriously ;).

You are absolutely nailing it if you are good at…

Using CSS pre-processors, specifically SASS.

Writing Object Oriented PHP and JavaScript code.

Using WebGL libraries such as Three.js and Phaser to create experiences like this…

Curating an incredible Friday afternoon office playlist.

How to apply

Please apply for the role here: Signing up and applying can take as little as 5 minutes.

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